What to Expect Once You’re Hired

What to Expect Once You're Hired

Welcome to Northwest Enforcement! As a new team member, you might wonder what your first days, weeks, and months will look like at NEI. Our onboarding process is designed around our core values to ensure every team member feels supported and prepared every step of the way.

Here’s an overview of what to expect once you’re hired:

1. Onboarding

Each team member’s journey with Northwest Enforcement begins with our onboarding process. This first step is crucial as it sets the foundation for your success.

During onboarding, you’ll complete the following:

  • Onboarding Paperwork: First, you’ll complete all necessary paperwork, including employment forms and direct deposit information.
  • Uniform Sizing: Next, we’ll ensure you’re properly outfitted for your role. You’ll be sized for your uniform so that it fits comfortably and meets our professional standards.
  • Scheduling for Pre-Work Courses: Finally, we’ll schedule you for the essential pre-work courses you’ll need to attend before your first shift. These courses are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills required for your role.

2. Pre-Work Courses

Before you step into your role, you’ll undergo a series of pre-work courses to prepare you thoroughly.

  • DPSST/DOL Training: You’ll receive training on DPSST (Department of Public Safety Standards and Training in Oregon) and DOL (Department of Licensing in Washington) requirements.
  • First Aid Training: Safety is a priority, so you’ll also complete first aid training to ensure you’re prepared for any emergencies.
  • Orientation: During orientation, you’ll learn about NEI’s core values, policies, and procedures. This session is crucial for understanding our expectations and culture.
  • Email from Ops Coordinator/Trainer: Before your first day or shift, you’ll receive a welcome email from your Operations Coordinator or Trainer with important information and instructions.

3. First Week

Your first week will be tailored to your specific role, whether you’re assigned to patrol duties or an onsite position.

Patrol: Your initial days will involve shadowing experienced patrol officers, learning the routes, and familiarizing yourself with the protocols.

Onsite: Full training on the responsibilities and tasks of your assigned site along with reviews of Incident Reports (IR) and Daily Activity Records (DAR). You will also have a thorough walkthrough of your assigned site to understand specific post orders and expectations.

4. First 90 Days

The first 90 days are critical for your development and integration into our team. We provide continuous support and feedback to help you succeed.

30 Days: In-depth coaching sessions to discuss your strengths and areas for improvement.

60 Days: Further coaching to ensure continued progress and address any ongoing challenges.

90 Days: Performance skills test, additional training as needed, comprehensive review of first 90 days. Meet with HR to discuss benefits & administrative matters.

5. Ongoing Development

Your growth and development don’t stop after the first 90 days. We conduct regular check-ins and reviews to ensure you remain on track and feel supported.

Quarterly Check-ins:

  • Discuss eligibility for performance-based raises.
  • Review the previous quarter’s performance and specific opportunities for improvement and advancement.
  • Identify and schedule any necessary training sessions.

Yearly Check-in:

  • Review your Paid Time Off (PTO) balance.
  • Celebrate your work anniversary with a new pair of uniform pants.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of your year’s performance.
  • Plan for future training and career development.
  • Discuss any additional raises and qualify for a boot stipend.

At Northwest Enforcement, we believe in investing in our team members’ success. Our team member proven process is designed to ensure you feel confident, prepared, and valued throughout your career with us.