Kindness is a Lifestyle

Kindness is a Lifestyle

Hey team, here I am again, Workshop Wednesday. Here we are again together, and I got this little guy with me. He wanted to read today’s quote so go ahead. “Kindness is not an act, it is a lifestyle.” That is really true.

Kindness is not an act; it’s a lifestyle. I’ve gotta say I’m sitting with probably one of the kindest little souls I’ve ever met. That’s my son David. He just graduated from kindergarten, and what a wonderful little kindhearted person he is. I hear it from his teacher, I hear it from his friends, I hear it from other parents. Kindness. It’s not an act, it’s a lifestyle, and David lives that lifestyle.

He’s kind to everybody he meets. He’s super friendly, he’s always got a really cute smile with dentals. And he’s always paying attention to making sure that other people are happy. He cares about others. When his brother falls off a stool or something, he runs over, “Are you okay? Are you okay? Are you okay?” He cares about people, he cares about others, and that kindness ripples through the lives of other people even when they’re having a bad day.

I’ve seen grumpy people cheer up and smile because David walks into a room, and I think that’s something that we all need to remember in what we do. In security, working at Northwest Enforcement, shopping at the mall, going to Albertson’s. It doesn’t matter where you’re at. Kindness is not an act, but it should be a lifestyle that we live, and I think that’s a great thing to model and think after.

And I’m glad that I have my own little guy that models that for me in our home every day, someone to lift me up when I’m down, and his kindness and his generosity flow through him. It’s not just something he does, but it’s literally woven into the fabric of his soul, and I think that’s a precious, wonderful thing.

So on this beautiful day, guys, God bless you and remember, kindness is not an act, it’s a lifestyle, and be valuable because nothing less will do. God bless you, have a wonderful week, I’ll see you next week.