Quality of Character

Quality of Character

Hey team, alright so here we are, Monday Message. Another beautiful day and I got a quote for you. It’s kind of in line with some other quotes that I’ve given in the past, “The quality of your work reflects the quality of your character. Focus on excellence in all that you do and success will follow.

A lot of us want to be successful. I remember another quote. “Don’t focus on success, focus on excellence.” I believe Albert Einstein said that. Many other people have said similar things, including me. I think that it is about again your character and the excellence of the quality that you put forth. That says everything about you. It’s not about how you talk but about how you walk. Rubber meets the road out on the street. I know I did one here recently in the last couple of months. In the world of Timex, be a Rolex.

All of those say the same thing: be excellent, be number one, be great at what you do. Even when it’s hard, continue to be great. Continue to put your best foot forward, and success will follow, and you will be in high demand.

It does not take much to outpace a lazy person. Somebody that never gets off the couch will never win the race. So all you have to do is get off the couch, get out there and start running. You will beat out thousands and thousands and thousands of other people. Simply because you’re willing to get up. If you want a little bit more, get up earlier, put in a little bit more. Burn a little more midnight oil, stay up later, get up earlier, work a little bit harder.

And I know that seems like a cliché and you’re thinking, “Well Chad, you’re the vice president.” I am the vice president. But I didn’t get here and this didn’t happen because I was lazy sitting on a couch wishing for it. It was because I was willing to burn the midnight oil. Work two jobs for 12 years, and the same with Karen, my beautiful wife. I cannot even imagine the journey that we have been on has been tremendous/ It has been hard and it has been fun and it has been exciting and it has been crazy weird, but we have built a wonderful team together. You are a part of that and we are doing great things.

It is the quality of your work that reflects the quality of your character. Therefore if you will focus on that excellence, if you’re wondering well why are people not noticing me it’s quality of work. The quality of your work and the quality of your character are being presented every day. Every decision you make, every single time.

Here in the last year or two I’ve shared information with you guys and I won’t ever share names necessarily. I had a person that came into a leadership class in this last session. Came into a leadership class, they signed up, they wanted to be a part, they were going to volunteer, they showed up for the leadership class and they were supposed to be at work two or three hours after leadership, they called in seven to 10 minutes late saying, “Oh I’m sick I can’t come to work,” but they made it to the leadership class. That’s not leadership, that’s not quality, that’s not great character. That person didn’t get to stay in the leadership class. They’re no longer with the company either, but that’s not because I fired them. It’s because they chose to leave if that makes sense, because they realized that right?

We want quality workers and dedicated people. I’ve had those kind of things happen. I had another person that said they couldn’t make it because they had to wait for their Amazon order. Is that a good reason to call off work, is that quality in your work ethic? Is that quality in your character? You sign up for a shift but because you ordered something on Amazon you can’t make it to work. These are not great qualities guys and I know that most of us don’t do those kinds of things.

Some of you are laughing and if I’m touching a nerve well that nerve might need to be touched. Something to be worked on, character that needs to be worked on. I’m not putting you down. I’m not trying to be rude, I’m not trying to be mean. I love you and I appreciate every single person that we have going here and I know that your circumstances are different than mine. Sometimes you got to sacrifice in order to get the things that you want in life. Calling off work because you’re waiting for your Amazon order is not a great quality of character and it doesn’t present well in the long term and it’s not building you. The only person you’re really hurting is you.

I and the rest of the team are inconvenienced for a minute because of those things. It hurts you for a lifetime because those character traits continue to evolve and grow in your life and they end up hurting you long term, you end up not climbing the ladder corporately, success economically, so on and so forth right socially you don’t climb the ladder with that kind of character long term.

So it is the quality of your work that reflects the quality of your character. I actually think it’s more along the quality of your character reflects the quality of your work and therefore if you focus on that success will come. That’s what’s going to happen ultimately focus on excellence. It is that quality of who you are truly down deep because your character doesn’t change or it’s hard to change that will ultimately produce the quality in your work and everything else in your life.

God bless you guys, you have a wonderful week. I can’t wait to see you until next week and be valuable, nothing less will do. We will see you next week.