Improve Your Looks – SMILE

Improve Your Looks - SMILE

Hey team, all right, so here we are, another Monday Message. I’m reminded by a guy named Charles Gordy, who said, “A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks.” That’s kind of funny.

We have a core value: we love to eat cake. One of the things we talk about is smiling more. Smiles are contagious. They tend to do something for us. I wrote a poem on it not too long ago, talking about the difference between fighting and friendship being a smile. If you’d like a copy of it, I’ll be happy to email you. Send me a thing, but it’s really true. Smile a little bit more. It changes everything for you. When you give somebody a genuine smile, you can change people’s mood from being down to maybe rising up a couple of notches in their behavior and attitude simply because you smile.

If you are smiling, you can tend to make your own attitude rise a couple of notches in your attitude spectrum. That is a powerful thing when you think about it. If you haven’t tried it, go look in a mirror and smile. I’ll wait. Go ahead. When you come back, you’ll find yourself feeling a little bit better.

Smiles change things, and it’s a very inexpensive way to improve the way you look. Nobody wants to be around Eeyore. Nobody wants to be around the guy that’s talking about how rainy and cold. And miserable life is and how the other shoe’s about to drop. Nobody likes to be around that, but they love to be around a person that lives the dream, uplifts the spirit, and gets excited about what is about to happen next.

Even when things are bad, a smile can turn things around. A positive attitude can turn things around.

That’s what we’re talking about, and it goes really well with our core value. As we’re marching through July, continue to smile. Do an internal check and say, “Am I smiling?” Look at somebody and just smile. Look in the mirror and just smile. Be happy. When I come home, I see my boys, and I say, “Give me your happy face,” and David always gives me that little dimpled grin. I’m like, “There it is. That’s what I’m talking about,” that cute little smile. Same thing with Jonathan, but now he’s 10, so he tends to roll his eyes and stick his tongue out. But it still makes me smile and laugh, and it does him too.

Smiles are an inexpensive way to improve the way you look, so let’s use it this week. God bless you guys. Have a wonderful week. I’ll see you next week. Remember, be valuable because nothing less will do, and let’s smile. I’ll see you next week. Bye.