Alarm Response

Why we’re different

 Technology today is amazing but it’s not foolproof. The reality is that 98.5% of all alarms are false. It can be very tiresome and annoying if you personally take multiple calls in the middle of the night every few days, and it can get very expensive if the police respond on your behalf. Let us respond for you.

Here's How It Works

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Client asks their alarm service provider to have us added to their contact list.

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When an alarm triggers, the alarm provider alerts our dispatcher, who will send an officer to check it out.

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If the officer finds issues or signs of trespassing, they will address what they can on their own. If the situation warrants client attention, dispatch will call the emergency contact.

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Our officer will clear the property and write a report to inform you of the event, which is digitally delivered the next morning.

We’re already awake, faster than the police & we document every call

With over two decades in business, we run an efficient, highly trained and capable team. We do more work in less time at a higher quality so you can pay less and have your needs met.

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