Our Team

Northwest Enforcement is led by a dedicated team that strives to deliver the best services all the time, every time. Get to know our team of amazing leaders by clicking on the link below their picture.


Karen Withrow



Chad Withrow

Vice President


Gregory Jay

Executive Director - Logistics


Sonja Kuhn

Executive Director - Operations


Codie Jennison

Executive Director of Sales & Marketing


Windee Klinger

Executive Director of Finance


Barbie Jay

Finance Administrator


Brian Carley

Facilities & Fleet Administrator


Caid Vaughn

Logistics Administrator

Lt Haggard

Caleb Haggard

Operations Coordinator


Carrie Frazier

Operations Coordinator


Christian Stauffer

Training Administrator


Christina Venable

Operations Administrator

Miller 2

Jacob Miller

Patrol Lead

blue_silver 512x512

James Abel

Training Coordinator


James Braaten

SRT Developer

Jimmy Lee 2

Jimmy Lee

Culture Administrator

Nick Landis

Nicholas Landis

Business Development Coordinator

Enos 2

Ryan Enos

Operations Coordinator


Shannon Sibanda

Finance Coordinator


Shaun Wirth

Administrator - Longview Region


Stewart Becker

Business Development Manager

Team Testimonials

Patrol Officer Jack Carrier Says...

“I am dedicated to the team. My inspiration comes from our teamwork and the team's hard work.”

Officer Alexander Haynes Says...

“I want to be a leader, to help others achieve their potential and will lead not as a superior but as a friend and colleague. This company works together like a family.”

Patrol Officer Justin Telegin Says...

“I trust the leaders within this company and believe a lot of what we do in the community is aimed toward helping people who need it. I enjoy this job because I get to go out every night and I never know who I might be able to help and whom I might get to meet and show compassion and care for.”

Patrol Officer Jon Drenner Says...

“Northwest Enforcement’s vision is to become a brand that is synonymous with effective, reliable service and peace of mind. Providing this service with the best possible personnel, technology and infrastructure, growing and transitioning to a company that can provide custom service for a wider range of needs and expectations. I see in this company as an opportunity to grow not only in scale and revenue, but a company with a unique opportunity to be extraordinary. To become a calling rather than a transitional job."

Dispatcher Nick Wiseman Says...

"My experience working at Northwest Enforcement thus far has been nothing less than positive. This company has already given me numerous opportunities through training and experiences than I ever thought possible, and for that I am already grateful."

Officer Johnny Sexton Says...

"I care about my clients and the people around me.  I treat every client as I would like to be treated and watch over their businesses and belongings as if it were my own."

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