Guard Services

Guard services provide you with a dedicated officer to focus on the specific security needs of your site. Our goal is to get to know you and your site so we can better serve you and be reactive to changing needs.  Using our proprietary SRT software, we’ll keep what we learn in post orders that leaders can update in real-time and every officer can see while working.

SRT allows us to verify our guard is on your site and active. We expect our guards to make SRT entries at least every 15 minutes to document what they see and hear while patrolling. If the officer at your site is guarding a garage or at a front desk, they can still make entries, but we’ll know not to expect to see them moving around as much. Our best-case scenario is for the guard at your site to be paying such close attention that we help prevent issues such as: unauthorized guests, vandalism, car prowls, noise complaints or lighting and maintenance issues.

Northwest Enforcement is proudly woman-owned and certified as a W/DBE (#4593) in Oregon.


Community Patrol





Multi-Family Living

Senior Living

Guard Services That are Proactive

Our guards complete walk-throughs at the start of service to establish post orders based on client needs and provide regular check-ins once service begins to confirm we are meeting client needs, updating post orders as changes occur.

Ready to have a proactive team in your corner?

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