Community Patrol

Why We're Different

We connect the dots between issues affecting your whole business community and help the root causes to help you (and your neighbors) address them together.

Is your business facing an increase in crime and vandalism?  Are your neighbors sharing the same problems?  With our Community Patrol Service, you can share the cost of the solution with your neighbors too.


How it works: Similar to onsite guard service, your business will receive a dedicated guard scheduled for a set number of nightly (or daily) hours.  This guard divides their time at all participating businesses, performing roaming foot (or vehicle) patrols of areas of interest.  When it comes time to bill, each participating business pays only their percentage of the shared service.


Benefits:  Your business still receives the dedicated service you need, at a fraction of the typical cost!  Having the same guard patrol all neighboring properties also means they notice trends affecting multiple properties, allowing us to report and react accordingly.


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Access Control

  1. Lock/unlock facilities
  2. Prevent unauthorized access
  3. Firewatch
  4. Respond to medical crises, fire and emergencies
  5. Chaperone employees to their vehicles
  6. Support event management

Creating a Welcoming Environment

  1. Audit lighting to alert you to dark areas where trouble may occur
  2. Provide a feeling of safety
  3. Give a warm welcome to customers and vendors
Parking Resized

Parking Management

  1. Deter car prowls, siphoned gas, vandalism and stolen bikes/vehicles
  2. Digitally document unauthorized people or parking
  3. Control garage and parking area(s) access, especially in the event of gate malfunction

Resource for Staff Protection

  1. Assist with upset customers
  2. Proactively monitor facility activity

Shared Information

  1. Accurate, clear and timely reports documenting incidents to share with insurance or police
  2. Report issues affecting multiple properties to share risks or damage that you will want to address collectively

Deter Unruly Behavior

  1. Establish a visible presence for all to see
  2. Report maintenance issues to share risks or damage that you will want to fix

Trained With Your Community In Mind

Our officers are trained in conflict resolution, tactical communication, CPR/First Aid, and more, ensuring your area is served with skill and professionalism.

Let's talk about how your community can benefit from our attention to the details.

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