Patrol Services

Our patrol services are a mix of foot and vehicle patrol. Officers will visit your site at randomized times to check for issues you've asked us to address. We'll talk through the challenges and issues you are facing and recommend a level of service that will help address these issues so we can help you resolve them quickly and completely.  Patrol officers will document findings in reports, which are electronically delivered next-day using our top of the line electronic reporting software.

When anything comes up, you can reach our 24/7 locally manned dispatch to let us know. Our dispatchers can assist in any situation and they are familiar with your local service area. If you need an officer response, our dispatcher will send a nearby officer that's familiar with your property. Dispatchers share information with the responding officer and/or those who usually visit your property so they can keep an eye out to make sure things are taken care of.

Commercial and Industrial

Community Patrol Services

Multi-Family Living and Residential

Committed to accountability & communication

From our dispatch team to our officers in vehicles who document (photo/video/audio) what they see at client properties, accountability and communication are part of what makes Northwest Enforcement services stand out.

We're ready to make a difference for you!

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