Our Story

At Northwest Enforcement, our core purpose is to be valuable because nothing less will do. We’ve built this company from the ground up, creating a sense of community within the workplace.

We treat our team like family. Through training and leadership, we’ve instilled core values that serve as the forefront of our business.

Investing in Team Members

We believe that our team and the work they do matter.  We know our officers can make all the difference for our clients and our whole community. We’re always looking for opportunities to go the extra mile, not just for clients but also for our team.

We work hard to invest in our team members. We do big things like giving away vehicles and paying out nearly $2 million in combined quarterly raises over the past five years. We also do small things.

We hand out candy bars, snacks or cold drinks to team members at worksites for a job well done.

We have regular raffle drawings and wheel spins (think Wheel of Fortune) with tickets and spins given to team members for all kinds of things we want to thank them for.

We share success stories on social media so families and friends know what great things team members are doing. We want to see everyone succeed.

Great Front-Line Service

Our growth and success result from the professional, well-trained team that provides great front-line service to our clients and their clients every day. We’re adaptable and we truly do all we can to ensure that every client need is met, big or small. We can be counted on to deliver, even with short notice.

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Visionaries with a Heart to Improve

Northwest Enforcement was founded by Karen and Chad Withrow. Having experienced poor business practices and a lack of integrity in the security industry, Karen and Chad wanted to change the security industry for the better by providing amazing training, a team approach, creative solutions and real compassion.

These things are good not just for clients but for team members and the community.  After learning from our first three years in the Central Eastside, in 2022 Northwest Enforcement launched Rise2Care to manage outreach work.

Stepping away from stigmas surrounding the "enforcement" name and logo, Rise2Care focuses on connection, relationships and advocacy to help those in need.

Long-Term Partnerships

In 2000, Northwest Enforcement was established with a mission to provide superior service for an ever-changing environment. The same day the business registration paperwork was filed with the State of Oregon, we reached out to a potential client. They didn’t need security services, so we offered training instead. The next day, they called back and signed and contract. The best news in our minds is that we still work with this client. Creating long-term partnerships is awesome and we’re so grateful to have so many.

It’s absolutely been lots of work but, in spite of lots of long, sleepless nights over the last 20+ years, we wouldn’t change a thing.


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