Why We're Different

When our officers are on your property, they will get to know your team members, guests and vendors. You and your team will be able to depend on us as an extension of your team (without the W-2).

Whether you have a low rise or high rise building that is all commercial or a mix of uses, we are prepared to address your most common challenges: access control, loitering, parking management, light audits and chaperones for your employees.

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Access Control

  1. Lock/unlock facilities
  2. Prevent unauthorized guests
  3. Help manage packages and deliveries
  4. Firewatch
  5. Respond to medical crises, fire and emergencies
  6. Chaperone employees to get to their vehicles
  7. Support event management, including alcohol monitoring
Parking Resized

Parking Management

  1. Deter car prowls, siphoned gas, vandalism and stolen bikes/vehicles
  2. Digitally document unauthorized people or parking
  3. Control garage and parking area(s) access, especially in the event of gate malfunction

Deter Unruly Behavior

  1. Audit lighting to alert you to dark areas where trouble may occur
  2. Report maintenance issues to share risks or damage that you will want to fix

Leading the Industry with High Standards & Quality Services

With customized services, clearly marked vehicles, 24/7 support, excellent communication, response to feedback, and quality control, NEI is proud to be our area's leader in security guard services. Let's talk about what our support looks like for your property.

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