Why We’re Different

Construction is one of the first industries we supported with security services. Soon after our start in 2000, we worked with five GC’s on Portland’s “Big Dig” and Bull Run infrastructure projects. We’ve done major bridge projects in Eugene and Portland and secured many high rises in South Waterfront and around the city. In 2014-15, we had the pleasure of acting as prime contractor for $1.4m in TriMet Orange Line contracts.

Regardless of where we are working, our guard services are comprehensive.  We understand that communication is key because the more we know about what’s going on at your worksite, the better we can support you and your team. We’ll be asking questions like these to inform the officer assigned to your site:

  • Do you have employees working late with lock ups needed after they leave?
  • Will anyone ever work overnight? How can we ensure they’re authorized to be on site?
  • Will there be any deliveries during the guard's shift? What instructions or contact will we receive to handle these correctly?
  • Are there high-value materials, such copper, stored at your worksite?
  • Will you have a tower crane or other high-value equipment that you’re especially concerned about?
  • When will the fire system be installed?

As an Oregon-certified W/DBE firm (#4593), Northwest Enforcement can help your construction project reach its aspirational goals.



  1. Check sensitive areas physically and visually
  2. Document all checks digitally
  3. Call 911 and reach out to site contacts in an emergency
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Nighttime Site Security

  1. Patrol interior, exterior and perimeter fence lines
  2. Log activities every 15 minutes (minimum)
  3. Prevent unauthorized guests
  4. Respond to medical crises, fire and emergencies
  5. Complete maintenance and graffiti reports

Daytime Access Control

  1. Document entries and exits
  2. Log other information, such as deliveries, as requested
  3. Lock/unlock facilities
  4. Manage parking area(s)
  5. Monitor site safety, at your direction

Let NEI Come Alongside You

All day every day you have meetings with owners, investors, inspectors, vendor deliveries and subs. Why worry about the safety and security of the project too? Our guards complete duties accurately and completely with open communication, accountability and reporting that keeps you in the know 24/7.

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