Why We're Different

We know that each of our industrial clients have specific security needs. We take the time to understand your needs and tailor our services to meet them. To accomplish this, we'll ask lots of questions, request a full tour of your site to identify key locations and issues and ask you to keep in touch with us about any changes, construction projects, new work or employee terminations.

We handle access control, serve as a safeguard from emergencies, monitor equipment and alarms, and patrol for any unwanted activity or people.


Access Control

  1. Patrol exterior and perimeter fence lines
  2. Lock/unlock facilities and gates
  3. Log people/vehicles entering/exiting (i.e., employees, vendors or guests)
  4. Prevent unauthorized guests
  5. Monitor CCTV
  6. Respond to medical crises, fire and emergencies
  7. Monitor site safety, at your direction


  1. Check sensitive areas physically and visually
  2. Document all checks digitally
  3. Call 911 and reach out to site contacts in an emergency

Monitor Equipment/Alarms

  1. Audit lighting to alert you to dark areas where trouble may occur
  2. Report maintenance issues to share risks or damage that you will want to fix
  3. Respond to alarms
  4. Secure fuel storage and fire riser areas
  5. Patrol for vandalism, theft and sabotage

We strive for safety and peace of mind

Our team is eager to learn about your needs and figure out a solution. Contact us to get the conversation started.

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