Why We're Different

Northwest Enforcement offers trauma informed care and mental health training to our officers based on contract needs. We start every interaction with respect that helps de-escalate difficult situations and we're ready to be an extension of your medical team to maintain a safe, secure environment where healing can happen.

Northwest Enforcement officers will complete exterior patrols to ensure all is secure, assist with unruly patients or visitors in the emergency room and stay alert to keep staff safe. Well-trained, professional officers who communicate efficiently can make all the difference.


Resource for Staff Protection

  1. Assist with upset patients
  2. Monitor emergency room activity

Interior, Exterior & Parking Patrol

  1. Serve as a visual deterrent
  2. Conduct exterior patrols
  3. Manage parking area
  4. Digitally document unauthorized people or parking

Let's Talk About Your Security Needs!

Our team is eager to learn about your needs and figure out a solution. Contact us to get the conversation started.

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