Places Of Faith

Why We're Different

Northwest Enforcement believes that, regardless of your convictions, you have the right to worship freely and we're here to protect that right.

In a time when it feels like there's a growing likelihood that places of faith may be targeted, our officers are trained to patrol your facility and parking area, and/or spend time at the door or in the lobby to monitor guests as they enter. An alert uniformed officer creates a deterrent to bad actors while promoting a feeling of safety for your guests.


Patrol or Stationary Guard

  1. An alert, friendly, professional visual deterrent
  2. Prevent unauthorized guests
  3. Lock/unlock facilities, by request
  4. Respond to medical crises, fire and emergencies
  5. Support event management
  6. Firewatch, if needed
Parking Resized

Parking Management

  1. Deter car prowls, siphoned gas, vandalism and stolen bikes/vehicles
  2. Document unauthorized people or parking, including overnight parking and camping
  3. Control garage and parking area access, especially in the event of gate malfunction

Customer Service & Communication That Makes A difference

NEI's services are specifically adapted and customized to your unique needs and your property. Our team is eager to learn about your needs and figure out the best solution for you. Contact us to get the conversation started.

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