Why We're Different

Northwest Enforcement offers services that help your retail center or business thrive. Our team is ready to watch your (and tenants') facility, valuables and staff to ensure that customers begin their shopping experience with a positive impression. We'll get to know each business so our guard knows who has a reason to be there and who doesn't.

Northwest Enforcement's purpose is to protect your business, deter unruly behavior and provide a safe and secure atmosphere. Addressing challenges head on with a respectful but firm approach, based on your direction, will limit risk and create a positive feeling as people shop or enjoy a meal.


Creating A Welcoming Environment

  1. Audit lighting to alert you to dark areas where trouble may occur
  2. Provide a feeling of safety
  3. Give a warm welcome to customers and vendors

Deter Unruly Behavior

  1. Prevent unauthorized guests
  2. Deter panhandling
  3. Minimize loitering
Parking Resized

Parking Management

  1. Deter car prowls, siphoned gas, vandalism and stolen bikes/vehicles
  2. Document unauthorized people or parking, including overnight parking and camping
  3. Control garage and parking area(s) access, especially in the event of gate malfunction

We strive for safety and peace of mind

Our team is eager to learn about your needs and figure out a solution. Contact us to get the conversation started.

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