Senior Living

Why We're Different

Northwest Enforcement is grateful for the opportunity to serve the generation of people that gave us the world that we live in today. We love the stories and wisdom they share and want to be valuable for them because nothing less will do. When working at senior living facilities, our officers enjoy taking time to engage with and watch over seniors as they go about their day. The services we offer go beyond typical security to create a positive environment for seniors and the families that love them.

Northwest Enforcement ensures that residents and staff feel safe by doing standard interior, exterior and parking patrols to look for suspicious people and/or vehicles vandalism and graffiti. We also complete light audits and maintenance reports. If a safety system were to malfunction or go down, we would visit every resident to check on their safety until the system was fixed. In addition to basic security tasks, we support facility staff by making deliveries and responding to resident calls.

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Interior, Exterior & Parking Area(s) Patrol

  1. Control access
  2. Lock/unlock facilities
  3. Prevent unauthorized guests
  4. Respond to medical crises, fire and emergencies
  5. Audit lighting to alert you to dark areas where trouble may occur
  6. Report maintenance issues to share risks or damage that you will want to fix
  7. Manage parking area(s)
  8. Firewatch, if needed
  9. Support event management

Resident Response

  1. Perform wellness checks
  2. Make room deliveries
  3. Respond to pendant alerts (i.e., falls, smoking stove)
  4. Respond to calls for help (i.e., TV malfunction, water leak, burned out light)

Keeping Residents Safe

Our guard services provide a visible presence to deter crime, and peace of mind and confidence for those living at your property. Plus, our 24/7 dispatch offers the ability for residents to report issues or suspicious activity as soon as they see it.

Contact us to learn how we can customize services for your community of seniors.

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