The Northwest Enforcement Difference: All-Encompassing Community Patrol

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Imagine yourself on Monday morning, unlocking the door to your business at the crack of dawn, only to be greeted by the unsettling sight of shattered glass all over the ground before you can even get inside. A quick chat with a neighboring business owner reveals they’ve faced a similar issues, prompting a discussion on needed security services. “We’ve all seen the news stories of yet another business being broken into over the weekend,” resonates with the rising concerns of our local business community.

For many small business owners, the prospect of dedicated patrol or guard services might feel out of reach because of high costs. Fortunately, at Northwest Enforcement we understand this challenge and have a solution to offer in the form of dedicated community patrol services that makes high-cost services more accessible.

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What is Community Patrol?

Community patrol represents a pivotal element in safeguarding our bustling business communities. It offers a unique opportunity to pool resources between business owners, mitigating costs while elevating a higher level of security for everyone involved.

Functioning as a blend of on-site guard and patrol services, our community patrol service allocates a dedicated officer for a predetermined number of hours. Our team dedicates their time across all participating businesses, conducting roaming foot or vehicle patrols in identified areas of concern. If any emergency situation arises while officers are on patrol of a different area, our 24/7 locally-manned dispatch can be contacted to alert the officer. The presence established by our highly trained officers deters criminal activities and promotes a secure environment.

The consistency of having the same team of officers patrolling neighboring properties facilitates the identification of trends impacting multiple businesses. This equips us to promptly report and respond to these trends, fostering a safer collective environment. At billing, each participating business only pays its percentage of the shared service.

Your patrolmen and women have been a great deal of help to our store and with the vulnerable part of our community.


Community Patrol Services Can Include:

  • Access Control: Lock and unlock facilities, prevent unauthorized access, chaperone employees to their vehicles, support event management
  • Emergency Response: Firewatch, respond to medical crises, fire, and emergencies
  • Parking Management: Deter car prowls, siphoned gas, vandalism, and stolen bikes or vehicles, and control garage/parking area access.
  • Shared Information: accurate, clear, and timely reports documenting incidents to share with insurance and police, report issues affecting multiple properties to share risks or damage that you will want to address collectively
  • Creating Welcoming Environment: Audit lighting to alert you to problematic areas, provide a feeling of safety, welcome customers and vendors
  • Resource for Staff Protection: Assist with upset customers, proactively monitor facility activity
  • Deter Unruly Behavior: Establish a visible presence for all to see, report maintenance issues to share risks or damage
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Why Choose Northwest Enforcement for Community Patrol Services?

Northwest Enforcement takes immense pride in offering an array of tailor-made community patrol solutions that adapt to your unique needs. With a highly skilled team of officers deeply rooted in experience, we are devoted to upholding the safety of our business community.

Our Company Culture Sets Us Apart:

  • Focus on Core Values & Client Relationships: Our core values serve at the forefront our our business. We use a thorough onboarding process to get to know our clients & communities so we can better serve you.
  • Dedicated Officers: Our team of highly-trained officers will cultivate deep connections within the community, fostering familiarity and trust.
  • Proprietary SRT Reporting Software: Our software updates in real-time offering all business owners transparency they can depend on.

With our community patrol services, your business continues to receive the dedicated security it demands, all at a fraction of the conventional expense. Embrace the promise of a safer tomorrow for your community.

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