Report Writing

What’s the point of providing protection services if you don’t properly report what you do and see? Report writing is critical in documenting incidents and daily activities for clients regarding their properties. Security officer reports may assist law enforcement with investigations and supervisors may use the reports to review and coach on performance. This class teaches officers how to report their activities and observations timely and accurately so it can be shared with clients and emergency responders quickly and completely.

Training Description: Participants learn techniques on how to document vital information, such as description of surroundings, accurate explanation of involved individuals, clear details on where an incident happened, exact documentation of verbal interaction and true information regarding any weapons on scene. Officers learn and discuss how to apply these techniques, so they are ready to put them to use at their work sites. Participants learn about the mechanics of reports, proofreading while facts are fresh and the importance of reading out loud to ensure a report makes sense. Completing this class leaves officers with the tools necessary to create a report that provides accurate information for clients and any investigations that may occur.

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