Advanced Security Training: Investing in Our Team, Our Clients and Community

Advanced Security Training

At Northwest Enforcement, we believe that advanced security training is essential for our team members, clients, and community. It’s one way we differentiate ourselves from other security companies. Our clients have the peace of mind that the best in the business are protecting their assets.

Investment in Our Team

Our team members are our most valuable asset. That’s why we invest heavily in their training and development as officers and leaders. Our fundamental belief is that training is essential to create an environment of highly competent and effective team. It enhances professional growth and personal development of our team members and strengthens the overall effectiveness of our security operations.

We offer a variety of advanced security training courses, including:

  • Baton: Officers learn how to use a tactical baton safely and effectively when necessary, focusing on communication, timing, and defensive techniques to minimize harm and risks.

  • Conflict Resolution: Specialized training for officers to de-escalate conflicts using communication strategies from the book Verbal Judo, focusing on real-life conflict resolution.

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED): Officers are trained to identify how environmental factors contribute to social issues and crime, enabling them to suggest simple changes like lighting or landscaping to improve safety and quality of life using CPTED principles.

  • Electrostatic Control Device (ECD): Officers are trained to use a Taser safely and effectively, covering technical aspects, legal implications, and practical deployment techniques for self-defense and public safety.
  • First Aid/CPR/AED: Officers are trained in vital lifesaving skills like First Aid, CPR, and AED usage to better protect their communities, completing the EMS Safety course for certification.

  • Handcuffing: Officers are taught how to safely handle combative suspects, emphasizing proper restraint techniques and safety measures including weapon searches, handcuff handling, and maintenance.
  • Low Light: The training focuses on how light levels impact officer interactions, teaching them to use flashlights effectively in low light for better communication and safety, including understanding different flashlight types and accessories.

  • OC Pepper Spray: Officers are trained to use OC Pepper Spray responsibly and safely, covering deployment, decontamination, and legal considerations, alongside defensive techniques, physiological impacts, and company policies.

  • Situation Protocol: The training helps officers acquire and apply the skills needed for different field situations, emphasizing understanding incident levels, effective reporting, and communication with both company and clients through real-life examples.

  • Report Writing: Officers are instructed on how to write accurate and timely reports, focusing on documenting key details like surroundings, individuals involved, and incident location, ensuring comprehensive reports that benefit both clients and potential investigations.

  • Trauma Informed Care: Officers are equipped with tools to establish rapport, assess situations, and respond with empathy and respect, focusing on recognizing triggers, building crucial skills, and utilizing effective communication to aid individuals in crisis.

More Than Just the Status Quo: The NEI Difference

Many security companies only offer basic state-minimum training to their employees. But at Northwest Enforcement, we believe that our team members deserve more. We want them to have the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in any situation. Our trainings also help our team members stay up-to-date on the latest security trends and technologies.

Our advanced security training goes beyond the status quo. We teach our team members how to think critically, solve problems, and communicate effectively. We also teach them how to build relationships with clients and the community. This approach allows us to tailor-made our curriculum to incorporate our core values to best serve our clients.

Why Advanced Security Training Serves Our Clients

Advanced security training benefits our clients and their properties in a number of ways. It helps us to reduce the risk of incidents and losses. Our team members are better equipped to handle challenging situations and de-escalate conflict.

Advanced security training also helps us to provide our clients with a higher level of service. Our team members are more knowledgeable and responsive to our clients’ needs. They are also better able to anticipate and prevent problems. Our ability to offer in-house training means our officers are on the job faster.

Advanced security training is an essential part of Northwest Enforcement’s commitment to providing our clients, and community with the best possible security services. We are committed to investing in our team members to ensure their success. Clients can rest assured that when they engage Northwest Enforcement’s services, they are partnering with a team that is at the forefront of industry knowledge and expertise

Learn more about the Advanced Security Training opportunities offered to Northwest Enforcement internal team members.