Washington Unarmed Security

This class meets State of Washington requirements for security officers to have an unarmed license. Northwest Enforcement personally teaches this course to officers so our trainers can ensure that officers understand the importance of possessing and applying their skills with respect and compassion in all situations.

Training Description: This course begins with an explanation of the State of Washington security program and licensing requirements for officers. Before providing service to the community, officers first need to understand the responsibilities of their position and complete a background check and fingerprinting. Once in class, instructors teach the importance of values and ethics to respond appropriately to security needs and emergencies. They educate officers on how to apply critical skills that keep them and anyone they are interacting with safe. Officers learn methods for foot and vehicle patrols, field interviews, personal contacts and de-escalation using tactical communication. Participants learn how to report an emergency to authorities/clients, how to use critical elements in criminal and civil law to create an accurate incident report and how to testify in court.

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