Hey. Good morning, team. All right. Monday Message. We’re in the third week already. Today happens to be a holiday, and it’s Monday. That’s pretty cool, right? Monday. Day off holiday. Well. Everybody else gets a day off except for us. We’re a 24/7 organization and we work more on the holidays because there are more people off and more people need their stuff protected. Which brings us to the core value invested. Own it. Last year, we talked about investment, you being invested, you owning it as if you own the company, treating the customer, putting people above pay. Investing in your team.

My question to you is, are we investing in you? Do you feel invested to not asking something of you? But do you feel like we’re investing in you? Earlier this year, just as the year began at the very end of 2021. We gave a large group of raises to a large group of people. You might have been included in that most likely were, especially if you were already here before January 1st.

So do you feel invested? Do you feel invested in?

Are we putting you above payment? Do you feel like we care? Are we owning our investment to you, are we training you? Are we coaching you, are we mentoring you, are you looking for advancement? Do you want to grow in this company? We’re just getting ready to start our new leadership class. Has what you’ve seen in your leaders here spurred you to want to know more about leadership? Have you joined? Do you want to be a part of that? Are we investing in you? Do you feel invested in? I want to know. I would love to know. Tell me your story. Are we investing in you? Have we done something? Through our leaders. Is your supervisors investing in you? Are they showing that they care? Are they putting you above their paycheck?

Because you matter. You matter to me, you matter to our team.

You matter to our community. You’re important and we care about you. So are we invested in you? I want to think we are. But if you’re not feeling it, what can we do to improve? What can I do to improve that? And what can I do to make you want to be more invested in us because of our investment in you? What can I supply you with to help you feel invested in, and cared for? Loved. Respected. I really want to know. So as we move forward in this week. Please reach back out to me. Let me know. What can we do to invest in you? What can we do to help you? Because we really do care. Okay.

Thank you very much for paying attention for being a part of this Monday message and for listening to what we have to say. Remember, core purpose: be valuable because nothing less will do. We want to be valuable to you, we want to invest in you. We want to show you that humility. Because nothing else will do. Thank you, guys. I’ll see you next week.