Keep Learning

Keep Learning

Hey team. All right, so here we are, another beautiful day. Today I want to give you a quote by a man named Charlie Munger. Charlie Munger said, “Those who keep learning will keep rising.”

Now, we just completed two leadership classes. One, Now you’re a leader, Now what?! Sonja taught for, I think it was 10 or 12 weeks, to our leadership group. A number of different components to help them become better leaders.

I just finished this last week. Or in the last couple of weeks, I guess, because depending on when this gets aired. I just completed a 15-week course where we had 23 people who completed the course on leadership. All the different components, character, attributes, and traits that make a leader who they are. What a wonderful time it has been to learn and to grow. My thing to the rest of you, the rest of the company, is Charlie Munger’s statement. Those that are learning are continuing to rise in life.

If you are rising, it is probably because you’re learning something. You’re growing, you’re learning, you’re processing information differently, you’re thinking before you’re acting, you’re writing down goals, you’re achieving things, rather it being in your finances or in education.

You’re constantly rising because of what you’re learning. Both by experience and by taking in from external sources, learning from others’ mistakes. All of these things contribute to our growth and our learning.

Or they don’t. Sometimes you do learn. Sometimes you don’t learn because you refuse to inventory and take notice of the things that are happening in your life and learn from your mistakes.

Mistakes happen as building blocks to help you rise and grow from. But if you shrink away from it or you refuse to learn from it or you blame others for your plight in life and where you’re at. Then you’re not rising, you’re not learning, and you’re not growing.

That’s an important factor, always remember. Because part of being valuable, because nothing less will do, is being a great learner. We have our core values and our core purpose is to be valuable, because nothing less will do. Being valuable is not just about sometimes the things you do. It’s about the things you learn so that you can do better.

If every day you’re striving and learning and growing and trying to be better than you were yesterday, then you are somebody that is learning and you will rise in life because of it.

That’s an important thing to remember if you want to rise in life, then you need to be a good learner. And sometimes that’s learning from mistakes and sometimes that’s putting down goals and reading or taking classes or reading a book to help yourself grow and be better so that you can rise in life.

If you feel like you’ve plateaued, take inventory. What do you need to do to find that next mountain so that you can climb out of that next place in your life?

All right, guys, have a wonderful rest of your week. God bless you and remember, let’s be valuable, because nothing less would do. And a good way to start doing that is by learning.

All right, talk to you later.