2024 Taco Party : Part 3

2024 Taco Party

Hey team! All right, here we are. It is Tuesday, and in just about five days, on the sixth of the month—next Monday—we are going to hold another Cinco de Mayo. Now, it’s not the fifth; we’re doing it on the sixth, so please don’t get that confused. Don’t show up on Sunday, and please…

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May 5th Party: Part 2

May 5th Party Part 2

Hey team. Alright, so Cinco de Mayo is just around the corner. As a reminder, on May 6th, we’re going to celebrate on Monday the 6th at 4:30, 16:30, right here at the Sandy office. It’s 171116 Northeast Sandy Boulevard, right here at the corporate office. We’re going to have ourselves a pinata and a…

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May 6th Party: Part 1

May 5th Party: Part 1

Hey team! All right, so I want to give you guys a heads-up and a reminder. We always do a kind of a little get-together here at the office for Cinco De Mayo. So May 5th. Now, we’re not going to do it on the 5th because that happens to be Sunday. So we’re going…

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Saint Patrick’s Day Party

Saint Patrick's Day Party 2024

Hey, all right. So here we are, and it is Tuesday. Yes. It is not Monday. It is not Wednesday. I have a special happy St. Patrick’s Day message. We have done this in the past. We’ve done it a few different times where we sit down, we watch a movie. We usually watch Boondock…

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A Christmas Letter to Our Northwest Enforcement Family

Christmas Letter 2023

To the Incredible Northwest Enforcement Team, As the festive season of Christmas wraps its warmth around us, I want to take a moment to extend my heartfelt wish to each and every one of you. This year, like those before it, has been a testament to the strength, dedication, and resilience that each of you…

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