Being Transparent


Okay Team. Transparency. Core value. Today is the last day of January. We’ve been at this for exactly one month. We’ve got 11 months to go. And here we go. Transparency towards you. Even at a cost. Even if it costs me, I’m going to be transparent. I talked about this last year and I talk about this a lot when we have new hires. But what does transparency mean? It means that integrity builds trust. I should be transparent with you. The company needs to be transparent with you. And I think that we are pretty much an open book and I expect that of our leaders.

Do you feel that we’re being transparent with you?

That we’re sharing information. That we’re being vulnerable, open, and honest with you. Have I as a leader? Have our leaders as leaders here at Northwestern Enforcement? Do they tell on themselves, do they own up to their mistakes? Do they use their mistakes as learning lessons? That’s tough. But that’s vulnerability. Even if it costs you something, transparent even if it costs you. I’m going to tell on myself, even if it cost me my job. Do they have that kind of integrity with you? Do they show you that?

Are we showing you that we are transparent with you?

Because it’s hard to ask you to be transparent with us if we’re not showing you transparency in return. So how are we doing as leaders, guys? I want to know from your perspective. I want to hear you. Am I falling short? Me personally. Chad Withrow. Doesn’t matter who I am. If I’m not showing you integrity and building trust with you then there’s a division and we’re not building a good relationship. And if we’re not, I got to do better. So how do I do that? Where have I fallen short?

Same with your leaders. Your leaders should be asking you this from time to time and more than once. How can I help you better, how can I show you that I’m transparent? How can I be better for you? If they’ve made a mistake and you call them on it, does your leader humble himself and say, you know what, you’re right. I’m sorry. And if they’re not. They need to know. You should be able to tell them. And if you can’t tell them because you’re afraid, you can tell me. I’ll tell them. I’ll listen. I’m here for you. That’s my point.

I want to build that trust with you.

It’s a two-way street, and I need to show it as much as I ask of it. I’m asking a high purpose demand from you of integrity, building trust, owning it, investing in us. I’m asking these things of you. I need to be darn well giving it back to you. So how can I do it better? What can I do to improve? Monday Messages are about core values, and this is what we’re driving in. I want to be transparent with you. I’m not perfect. I make mistakes, I say I’m sorry. I own up to it.

All right, guys. Next Monday, we start off February. It’s going to be beautiful, it’s going to be great. And It’s going to be awesome. It’s almost Valentine’s Day. So remember that sweet little someone that you got in your life. Make sure you reach out to him. Get him something special. Maybe some strawberries dipped in chocolate. Who knows? Maybe some pajama grahams, right? I mean, all those ads are getting ready to come back on Facebook and TV. Got to go get your some your girl some pajamas. That’s right. All right, guys. Happy Monday. I’ll see you next week. God bless. And remember, be valuable.