We Celebrate You


Hey team! Alright, so Monday Message. Right here, we are for our Monday Message. If you look at the screen behind me, it says, “Let’s celebrate.” So, what do we want to celebrate? Well, our core values tell us that we celebrate each other. We eat cake. Core value: our final core value on our list, we eat cake. What does that mean? Well, we’ve talked about it over the last year, and it talks about celebrating family, celebrating each other, celebrating success, celebrating all the great things that happened.

We finished off 2021, and we had one of the coolest things get to happen: one of our area leaders up in Longview, Sean Worth, and his wife Mandy, they had a baby. Now, that’s something to celebrate, right? We brought a new baby into the family. That is so cool. That’s what I’m talking about. We celebrate you. You should feel celebrated when you’re doing awesome work and you’re doing great valued work, and things are happening for you and your personal family. And when things are happening, and we find out about it, we should be celebrating you. I hope you feel that way because we love you, and we care about you. You are important to this family. More than just 40 hours a week of work.

Part of being a family, though, is also about mourning. Sometimes we have loss. In 2021, we’ve had family members that have lost portions of their family. That’s been tough. We’ve had portions of our family that have gotten sick, me included. I’ve had a few surgeries, you guys have heard about that. We had a team member here that was going through a pretty bad cancer therapy and stuff going on. And, I got to be honest, I was worried about that team member. So, we band together and we sent them dinner and stuff because I know something about cancer therapy. I know it’s not always a lot of fun after going to oncology and stuff and you’re dealing with that.

So, we hooked the family up with a meal and got them some food. After cancer therapy, you come home, and you know, you’re not always feeling like necessarily all up in the air and excited and stuff, especially the day later. So, having somebody else cook for the family, we did that. We do that for each other because we celebrate you. Even if we’re mourning and we’re standing by you and upholding next to you and living with you through sometimes those painful trials that life brings our way.

We want to celebrate you in this new year of 2022, we want to hear about the positive things, the exciting things that are taking place in your life. We want to know about the things that are tough, that you’re having trouble with, we want to stand by you. In the last couple of years, in the last few years, we have had a few team members that have come on some pretty tough times, have been hard, and they’ve become part of our team and they’re part of our family now.

We gave away a challenge last year to write a letter, tell us why you maybe need a new car. We’re giving away a couple of cars here in this next, well, heck, this is actually not getting posted until the end of the first week of February. So heck, I might have given away a car already. You might just have found out who it is, you already know the answer to what I just said. But isn’t that cool? We celebrate you, and we look for ways to give back to our team, to give something from the many to those that need something. And I feel blessed to be able to be a part of giving the team members that work here a vehicle. I’m proud of being a part of that solution for them.

I hope and pray that in this year, you feel valued, you feel celebrated by us in big ways and small ways. We give quarterly raises; that’s another way of celebrating the work ethic and the drive that you have had with us. And I wanted to tell you thank you for that. That’s another way of us giving back to you and raising the bar and raising all boats. That’s something that we do. We care about you; we celebrate you.

Thank you for everything you did in 2021. Thank you for what you’re doing in 2022. And if you’re a new member here, we’re here to celebrate you too. Welcome to the family; we’re excited to have you here. Remember, be valuable because nothing less will do. We’re excited about you. Let’s do this together. It’s almost Valentine’s Day; hope you got something special for your little honey. Alright, I’ll talk to you later. Bye. See ya.