Respect and Resolve


Good morning team. Well, it’s the last day in February, Monday Message. We’re at the end of February, and some of you in leadership will recognize this picture behind me. It says, well, it doesn’t say the whole thing, but it says “respect, give it to get it.” It’s a story I’ve told in the past and it wraps around a message. But it also, in my mind, represents one of our core values, which is resolve. Resolve is about improvising, adapting, and overcoming.

Throughout this whole pandemic and the different things that have gone on in the last two years, and even in these last few months, we have had a lot of team members show the core value of resolve. I’m going to do probably a very horrible job of mentioning it because the reality is I’m going to forget somebody. So let me first preface it with everyone that I’m going to mention are closest to me that I see doing it. And I know that each of them know probably another dozen people that are showing the core value of resolve. So this is a company core value, and I think in spades, so many of our team members have shown the “improvise, adapt, and overcome the situation” mentality that has happened time and time again here at Northwest Enforcement. So from my heart to you, thank you.

But I want to just highlight a couple of things. Who has shown resolve? Well, Sonja has shown resolve. You guys do not know how hard she works. You have no clue. Those of you who think you have a clue, you don’t have a clue. You just don’t. She is tirelessly working and showing resolve and adapting and overcoming. And things keep hitting, and she resolves to stay the course and continue to drive forward. It’s awesome. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate her.

Greg has shown resolve. That guy works until 10, 11 o’clock, comes in on the weekends, works six, seven, eight hours accomplishing things. We just bought an office not too far away. Many of our operation team are now in there. I’m assuming that you guys understand that we haven’t actually moved in there. By the time you see this message, three or four more weeks will have gone by. So we’re really close to moving in. We’re going to have our operations, dispatch, things like that in that office space. Yeah, Greg has shown huge resolve.

Last week, I talked about Caid and all the things that Caid did. He has shown huge resolve. We’ve had empty seats, and we’re putting some new people in. Heck, maybe by the time of this message. We have a couple of those people on board, and they’re working their first few days now. But in that absence, Caid and Sonja and Greg and Codie, oh my goodness, and Windee and Barbie and Lindsay, who’s fairly new but has done so many great things and shown huge resolve and hard work and focus and dedication. It’s been amazing.

Sean and Pruitt and Casey, huge resolve. The things that they have accomplished and done. The drive to succeed in success that they have brought to Northwest Enforcement has been huge. They are exhibiting core values, and I know that because they’re exhibiting those core values as leaders, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their leaders below them are showing the same thing.

Carrie Frazier, we just started our new leadership class. We’re just now in a few weeks by now, and oh my lord, she got an email saying that she was a mentor because last year she was a candidate in her leadership class. This year she’s a mentor to some others and she sent like a three-paragraph statement to the people she’s mentoring and gave them guidance before they started. That’s resolve, that’s leadership, that’s respect, that’s caring. That’s awesome.

We have people, and you guys have leaders and you have fellow co-workers that are showing resolve. We have people that are working tirelessly, taking extra hours. Now, I know we have our overtime hounds that just love the money and they just love to work. And they just love money and they just love time at work or maybe they just love work, I don’t know. End result, we have some of those people, but man, that’s also showing resolve. That’s dedication, and we need you.

Charles Boullier took a position as a leader, and he has taken huge strides to be what he is being for us and for his team at the libraries for Multnomah County, and they love him for that, and we love him for that. So, Charles, thank you because your drive and your passion to be excellent for the library and keep us informed the whole time along the way of training, passing on information to his leaders, explaining what the library is requesting, and putting effort into place to be excellent. That’s awesome, and that’s what we need here at Northwest Enforcement, showing that respect and resolve.

And again and again, the list is long and extensive, and so I wanted to acknowledge that on this Monday Message about our core values. And when it comes to resolve and the dedication and the hard work ethic that we see being displayed, sometimes we can get so focused on the next fire to put out, the next thing to do, that we forget all the successes that we are making. Sometimes we put our head down, and we just keep pushing through, and by the time we get to what we think is the top of the hill, it’s hard to maybe relax and actually enjoy the scenery.

Guys, I want to say thank you to every team member. It’s been showing resolve these last few months, these last two years. Your focus, your respect, your dedication, your love for your community doesn’t truly go unnoticed. Sometimes it might feel that way, but we want to tell you how much we appreciate you and how much we respect you. So, thank you all right. Until next week, let’s just keep being valuable because we know nothing less will do, and I want you to know how much I respect you for your caring and your dedication and your love for the team. Thank you.