Change Your Mind First

Change Your Mind First

Hey team! Here we are for Wednesday Workshop and because we’re in the very beginning of the year, I wanted to stay on this habit-changing thing that we were talking about earlier, as the year started last week.

Everything in life starts with your mindset first and your actions second. Your actions follow your thoughts, your beliefs, and ideas. To make a shift, to free your energy, start with getting your mind right, and then take action.

I don’t know exactly who said that, but I like it. I really like it. Change your mind first. It really does, if you think of Mahatma Gandhi and you think of a lot of different people. And if you’ve read as many books as I have from really great people or autobiographies—Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, a number of people out there in this world that have done some really great and amazing things—they will talk about mindset, how you think, your belief system. Everything about you has a lot to do with you and how you think. So getting your thinking right is the very first step. Change your mind first.

You really want to focus on your thinking, and if you do that, then your actions can follow. But how you act will go along with your thinking, especially when the pressure is on. That’s why resolve is one of our core values. It’s not what you do when it’s easy; it’s what you do when it’s really, really hard.

All right, this Wednesday is going to be at a close, but I just wanted to say God bless you, and I will see you next week. Be valuable; remember nothing less will do. I’ll see you next week, guys. Bye, see you.