Infinite Hope

Infinite Hope

Hey Team! Alright, it is another Monday, and as it is Martin Luther King Day. I thought it appropriate that we should probably have a quote by Martin Luther King this week.

I really like Martin Luther King; I like a lot of different things. I’ve read a little bit about him over my life. He, like Muhammad Gandhi, was chosen for a time such as his time to rally people to a cause in a nonviolent way to accomplish great change. I would say that is definitely a much better way than what we had in the 1860s with the Civil War. Where we couldn’t find common ground and ended up with mass casualties. The unfortunate thing was they were all casualties of the United States.

Anyway, getting to the quote, Martin Luther King said, “We must accept the finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope.” There’s a lot about hope I could talk on, but the finite disappointment but never losing infinite hope. As all of us know, we have had some disappointment in this last year and these last months. Even in this last week or so, we’ve experienced the feeling of loss in so many ways.

But we are hopeful, and we are going to power over and come through this together as a team. We are going to get through, rise, and thrive. We will get there, and that’s what is so amazing about team. It’s so amazing about us together, growing and moving forward.

So, I’m excited to say that I have some of the greatest men and women with me to handle the different challenges that we face every day. It’s because of the team that puts on their boots and their coat and goes out into the weather and is valuable to the community that they serve. Caring deeply about the men and women of their community to provide that safety and security that is needed on a daily basis.

So, for that, thank you very much to all of you for your hard work and your efforts. We don’t lose infinite hope in what we have coming in 2024. We’re excited. Again, there are hard things that have happened, but we have infinite hope that we can move forward together and that we will build and continue to build this great team that we have been building for the last 24 years.

God bless you guys. Have a wonderful week, and I will see you next week. Alright, see you later. Be valuable, nothing less will do.