Do People Have Time For You?

Do People Have Time For You?

Hey team. Alright, so here we are. It is Monday. It is the first Monday in February and here we are.

I want to give you guys a little bit of a quote that I read. I don’t know how many of you guys know Toby Mack. And I don’t know where he got it. But it says, “People won’t have time for you if you’re always angry or complaining.” People won’t have time for you if you’re angry or you’re complaining. I relate that to our core value: resolve: improvise, adapt, and overcome.

So many times in life, people get really angry or they’re complaining about the way life is, instead of improvising, adapting, and overcoming to what life is. Life has a way of dealing hard punches. It knocks you down, stomps on you, drives over you, backs up over you, makes sure it got you, and then continues on.

We all have had moments of low meaning where you feel like you’re in the valley. It’s hot, it’s dry, and you’re wondering where the water and the refreshment is, where’s the shade. Maybe you’re feeling that way right now.

People don’t have time for people who just run around and complain, gripe, and don’t like it the way it is. They just don’t want to hang around those type of people. Those that do want to hang around them, well, they’re just gripers and whiners too.

As you’re thinking on this Monday, as we’re moving through February, getting ready for Valentine’s Day. We’re just a short time away from our Super Bowl. Can’t believe Kansas City Chiefs three years in a row, approaching the Super Bowl. Can they do it?

What is it that you’re dealing with? Are you cynical about everything? Waiting for the other shoe to drop? Did your last company treat you badly, so you’re waiting to see if we’re going to? Are you worried that your supervisor is going to be mean to you? Wondering why this or why that? Constantly waiting for something else bad to happen?

I got news for you; something bad’s going to happen because that’s all you’re concentrating on. I talk about this from time to time over and over, simply because I’m an optimistic person. Bad things don’t not happen to me. I mean, getting cancer twice, having surgery twice, going to oncology for 17 separate treatments. I had a choice to make.

Am I going to whine about it, complain about it, worry about it, fret about it? Or am I going to go buy a shirt that fits a theme, and am I going to smile? Am I going to be happy, am I going to live the dream, am I going to dance with the one that brought me, am I going to play the cards that were dealt to me and persevere through? Am I going to do that?

That’s what life is, right? It’s persevering and making it through, finding the best and right, even the smallest little bit of glimmer of hope that we might have because you don’t want to lose hope.

But if you’re wondering why people are not necessarily wanting to hang around you, it might be because of your complaining or maybe it’s because you’re angry. You’re mad because a certain thing happened or this or that. You find yourself; it doesn’t take much, but in a drop of a hat.

And guys, I’ve been that way. That’s one area that I still work on that I can pretty get pissed, mad, angry, ticked off really fast, and it’s something I’ve worked on. I think people around me have seen that I’ve gotten better, but I still have my moments, and it’s something I’m still working on.

So as I’m talking to you today, don’t think that I’m sitting here thinking that I’m on some kind of pedestal and that I’ve accomplished all that and I’m a bag of chips. I’m just not. I’m still working on it too. I still have my moments; I still get hangry. I still have those moments too, but I’m working on them, and I know where they’re at. I’m working towards a goal of becoming better at those things so that people might want to hang around me.

People might want to be Chad’s friend because I don’t want to be the person that’s always complaining and always angry, and nobody wants to be around that’s not a fun place to be.

So on this Monday, think about your life, take inventory. What can you do to turn that dial in a different direction, to not be so angry, to not be complaining but improvise, adapt, and overcome to your scenario and your situation in a positive way?

Maybe it takes reaching out and helping somebody else. I talk about that a lot too, help somebody else and find yourself being helped. It’s amazing what happens when we turn our focus off of self and our needs and our wants and our frustrations and help somebody in their moment of need. All of a sudden, sometimes somebody comes along or something comes along, and we find ourselves not feeling as angry, not feeling like our problem is so great, and we grow.

God bless you guys. I’ll see you next Monday. See you, bye.