Happy Birthday Marine Corps

Happy Birthday
Workshop Wednesday: Happy Birthday, and thank you for your service

Good morning team. All right, November 10th. I don’t know if anybody can tell by the shirt or the background but today is the United States Marine Corps’ birthday. That’s right! Happy Birthday Marine Corps! Today, I turned 246 years old, I believe. It was 1775 when my Marine Corps came alive. We have a few other Marines here at the company and so if you see one, don’t hug them because they’ll probably think that’s an assault and they might just decide to throat punch you. So you might not want to hug a Marine today.

We want to celebrate the Marine Corps’ birthday. And we want to celebrate the fact that tomorrow is Veterans Day and all veterans serving abroad and around this world and veterans that have served to keep our country safe for so many years. We want to give them that respect. So both today and tomorrow, I want you guys to be thinking about that.

We have a number of people that are vets that are that have served. They have done their duty to make our liberty strong and sound. We want to say thank you for that. As you’re marching through these next couple of days this week and for the rest of the year and next year too, always remember that we got people out there. We still have people serving around the world that can’t be home for the holidays this year.

Remember them on these days when you’re sitting by a warm fire. When you’re out making snowmen with your kids. Remember there’s somebody out there that’s sitting in a sand pit lined with sandbags behind a very big gun keeping us safe. My hat’s off to everybody that has served and I want to say thank you to all of you.

For those of you here at Northwest Enforcement I want to say thank you for your service and your continued dedication. For all the hard work that we continue to do for our community. Thank you too.

Get out there, and have some fun. Enjoy these holidays that are coming up. Today and tomorrow is going to be a good time for veterans. There are usually a lot of people that are serving free meals and stuff. Make sure you get out there and have breakfast and lunch and dinner for free because you served your country. I know I will. Me and JT, we like to go out for breakfast and lunch, and dinner on Veterans Day so we’re going to do that. At the same time, remember to tip your waiter and your waitress heavily because they’re working hard to serve us also.

All right. Remember be valuable because nothing less will do. We want to say thank you. Oorah, Happy Birthday Marine Corps!