Lindsey, Hiring Administrator

Lindsey - Hiring Administrator

In this week’s special episode of Family Friday, learn more about Lindsey–our future host!

Lindsay: Hi, I’m Lindsey Cabrera, and I am the sales administrator. I was doing the sales coordinator position, but I had been, at that time, trying to also fulfill the hiring administrator’s position, and it was more of a fit for me doing that.

Before this, I was actually a small business owner. So, like before I even came to Northwest Enforcement, like my whole entire adult life, I owned a daycare. I saw that there was a huge need within our community of having a quality daycare that was affordable. There are a lot of parents who don’t qualify for state assistance, but paying $1300 to $1700 a month is just unreasonable. So, I wanted to have a model of a daycare that the normal person could afford.

Interviewer: Favorite movie?

Lindsay: Any Lord of the Rings because no movie should be six hours long.

Interviewer: What is something that you can do that other people don’t know you can do?

Lindsay: I can swim a 400-meter insanely fast. Like, I went to state for that. I’m a fish out of water; I love to swim. It’s like one of the few things I do on a bi-week basis right now with working. I will swim for about 1-2 hours every time I get into the pool and I am really good at it.

Interviewer: Good answer! Last question: In one or two words, how would you sum up Northwest Enforcement?

Lindsay: How would I sum it up? It is a family. That’s one thing they always sell around here, it’s a family feel.

Interviewer: Do you have anything else that you want to tell people?

Lindsay: I’m really happy to be here. I feel lucky, and yeah, have a happy Friday.

Interviewer: Happy Friday. Welcome to the team.

Lindsay: Thank you.