2021 Christmas Raffle

2021 Christmas Raffle

All right, team. So, Monday Message. I’m here to remind you that on the 8th of December, we’re going to have our 2021 Christmas raffle giveaway of all of our prizes. We’re going to do that on the 8th. I think we’re going to do it right around 5 p.m., that way, individuals that are getting ready to go on duty in an hour or so can pitch in. We might end up doing it closer to 4 or 4:30. We’ll get that final announcement out to everybody.

We are going to have a set of gifts for the group up in CSI, right? We’re going to be doing it for Columbia Security. We have another set of prizes to give away to our officers down here at NEI. We’re going to break that up into two groups: the CEIC and Patrol, and the regular on-site officers. That way, we’re kind of splitting the team into thirds so that there’s about a certain number of people for each group.

Those of you with armed licenses, you will also be in the raffle running for the gun and for ammo. We’re going to give away a thousand rounds of ammo broken up into increments of 500, 250, 150, and 100. We’re going to be giving away a duty firearm or the equivalent of that, which is a little over 400 bucks after taxes.

So, we’re going to do that, not to mention the grand prize. The grand prize is a trip to either Las Vegas or the equivalent of a trip near here. Along with a three-day paid vacation for you and a significant friend of yours. Hopefully, if you’re married, that’s your spouse; you shouldn’t be taking anybody else. And you will be allowed three days of vacation paid to go and enjoy yourself somewhere.

All right, other than that, I just wanted to remind you it’s going to be on December 8th, 2021. So prepare to zoom in. We’re going to do it via Zoom. And then we have all of our Christmas parties on the 15th, 17th, and 22nd for our leaders. On the 22nd, the 15th will be up at the Grange up in Longview/Kelso area, and here at the NEI office when we get together for this office down here.

All right, so we have three parties, we have three groups of people that are going to win some prizes, somebody’s going to win the grand prize in our 2021 Christmas Raffle. It’s going to be an epic time, so you don’t want to miss it. I’ll see you on the 8th. God bless, see you soon.