Good morning, team. All right, so another Monday Message. Here we go. So what can I say about Monday messages? Well, last Monday, we talked about being valuable because nothing less would do from the company perspective to the team member. Today, we’re going to talk about humility. Not too proud to pick up trash. Hold the ladder in the light. I want to know, from you, back to me. Are we showing you that same level of humility that we’re asking of you to show to us and to our clients? Do you feel that the company is humble enough to hold your ladder, to let your light shine, to help you rise? Are we not too proud to pick up trash?

Are your leaders being a great example of what humble means to you?

I’d like to know because I care very much about our core values and who we are. I want very much to be. I don’t know. Showing by example how much it means to us that you work here. I want you to feel that humility from us. Nobody else here is above another. I am not more important than you. Regardless of my status, my position, where I sit in the office or the hierarchy on a flow chart. You matter too. Are we showing you that? Are we showing you that you matter? Or are we falling short in some areas? Couldn’t we do better in 2022?

I don’t just want to know. I’d love for you to reach back out to me and let us know. What can we do to improve? Because it’s important for you to feel valued. It’s important for you to feel that humility is a two-way street and that we’re not just asking you to show it, but that we’re demonstrating it above all things, that we’re living out our core values as a company, as an entity, and as individuals within the company that each and every one of us, including me. Including Karen, Greg, and Sonja, that we are living out the humility of how we should be. I know that we fall short. I know I do. And I know that you do, too. But on a given day on an average.

Are we showing you the humility you deserve?

Let us know because it matters. We want you to be humble toward the client, toward the people on the street. To the customer. But we need to be humble towards you. We need to show that humility by example, because our example is the best version of ourselves and it produces the long term results of legacy.

So are we being humble? As a company toward each individual team member. Is it resonating down to you? And if it’s not. Help us rise. Show us where we’re wrong. So that we can change. All right. Another Monday message. I’m going to put this one in the books. Remember, be valuable because nothing less will do. That is our core purpose. Be valuable. Be humble to each other. To your fellow team members. To your leaders. And. Hold us accountable to be humble. Back to you. Thank you. Have a great Monday, guys. Enjoy your week. Talk to you next Monday. See you.