Celebrate Wins

Celebrate wins

Hey team. Alright, Monday Message. So today, we’re going to talk about a couple of different core values. Real quick, I want to hit on humility. One of our little tags that we put with humility is “celebrate others’ wins,” and I want to do that today. But there’s another one about investment, recognizing other people’s investment, and showing their investment.

Today, I get to celebrate two team members, one that showed investment and one that celebrated another’s wins. I love that. I recently found out that our Executive Director of Logistics, Greg, celebrated the win of somebody on his team, and that person was showing great investment. So, who is that? Well, it would be Caid Vaughn.

Caid has done some amazing work. Those of you who have been around for a little while have seen Caid rise. Caid’s not perfect, obviously not perfect, but today, we’re going to celebrate his perfectness, his awesomeness, and his greatness. Caid is selfless. He takes and works and drives and is passionate.

In these last couple of months, probably since early October at least, Caid has been by Greg’s side. He has invested time and time again, a lot of time. He has done so many different things. I can’t even imagine being able to list them all out. The move to the new office, moving the operations, setting up all the gear, putting stuff away, storing, throwing away crap – I could go on and on about all the time Caid has invested.

Raking leaves, pressure washing – like I said, it feels like an eternity talking about the investment that Caid has made. And there are plenty of other examples too, not just these few, which are very many.

Then I have Greg, who recognized his team member’s investment. Here recently, I found out that Greg went out and bought Caid a little mini fridge for his office so he can store his own Monster Energy drinks, Rockstar, or milk, whatever Caid likes. Maybe it’s string cheese. I don’t know. He did that for his team member because he recognized his investment.

Greg did that for his team member. He recognized the investment of his team member, and he went way beyond the scope of just giving him a thank-you card, which I’m sure Greg has done a number of times. Also telling Caid how much he appreciates his hard work, but he went above and beyond. He celebrated the win of his team member and showed that his team member was showing investment. That is amazing.

So, I want to celebrate that win because that is showing our core values loud and proud, strong. That we have team members that are invested, and we have team members that are noticing it and are humble enough to go, “You know what, thank you,” and to give credit where credit is due.

Caid doesn’t need a pat on the back, but he deserves one. He won’t stop working hard because he doesn’t get one every single day, but he deserves one probably every single day. So, Caid, thank you for showing your investment and your humility and your sacrifice for the team. And for your supervisor, Greg, thank you, dude. That is awesome – celebrating others’ wins, showing the investment, doing those kinds of things, investing.

Greg also is showing investment. He’s investing in his young leader that will turn around, and as Caid grows and he has people growing underneath him, he will remember the mini fridge. One day, one of his team members is going to do something great, and he might buy them a mini fridge or something like that. That is awesome.

So, team, until next week, let’s be valuable because nothing less will do. Our communities deserve it, our team members deserve it, and I’ll see you next week. Bye.