Knowing Your Potential

Knowing Your Purpose

Hey Team. All right. Wednesday Workshop, Knowing Your Potential. Last Wednesday Workshop for the month of February. So here we are. We’ve got two months down, ten months to go in 2022.

I wanted to talk a little bit about the journey. So often we focus on the destination. We set goals. We talked about that earlier and those are important things. Setting goals, having a destination, having a purpose or a plan for what you want to accomplish. Those are good things. But, what about the journey? Are you enjoying the journey of what you’re doing? Do you think about building the excellence inside of you for the purpose that you have?

I’ve been reading a lot, most of you know, and read a few different stories about a man named John Wooden. He was UCLA’s basketball coach back in the day. He had ten national championships. An 88-game winning streak. I mean, amazing. Actually, so amazing that it has never been matched. Nobody has done it before. Nobody’s done it since. He’s now no longer with us on this planet. But he accomplished things that were great.

One of his focuses was building excellence towards potential in people for what they could do. Not just about winning a game or winning a championship. But about building them as people. As great players, as team players. People that were humble and hungry and driven and passionate about what they did, that they worked well with each other.

Many of those young men went on to be basketball players. Many of those young men went on to be great business leaders because they learned something from John Wooden about purpose. They designed their purpose and their focus, and they never quit. And they were able to drive forward and continue on in business and other things.

So what are you doing with your purpose? Better yet, how can I help you? Encourage you to find your purpose and drive toward knowing your potential. Do you know what it is? Do you know why you’re here? It’s not just a destination or a hope to be able to make the bills and meet your needs for another two weeks.

What is your mission statement for life and what are you trying to accomplish? These are things for us to be thinking about. Then write them down and then set goals. So that you can achieve those.

So often in life, we worry about how other people treat us. You have no control over that. You do have control over your attitude. And how you deal with what people do to you or say to you, you can control how you respond, you can control your emotions, and you can control those kinds of things. But you can’t control other people’s treatment towards you. You can’t control people’s thoughts toward you, or their attitudes toward you. But you can control how you react. And you can control your focus and your intensity on your purpose.

So I know that’s pretty deep for an early Wednesday morning, but I want you to be thinking about that as we move through and get into March and the rest of 2022. What is your purpose? What are your goals and how are you going to get there? And at the same time, when somebody does something to you or says something you don’t like, maybe something about you, you’ve heard. Think about how you’re going to deal with that in a more positive way. As opposed to getting down, getting negative, and lashing back out. Follow your purpose. Follow your destiny. If you don’t know what that is, do a little search. Think about it. Find a mentor, somebody to help you find that. Start reading some books that shape you and hone you into a better version of yourself for the long haul.

All right, guys. Be valuable because nothing less will do. I appreciate these times with you. I will see you next Wednesday. It’ll be March. It’s going to be so cool. We’re almost at Saint Patty’s Day. Boondock Saints. Hey, maybe we should have a little watching party. Maybe sit down, drink a little Jameson, and watch a little Boondock Saints. Let’s talk about that.

All right. I’ll see you guys soon. Bye.