Keep Moving

Keep Moving

Here we are. It is Monday, Monday Message. I was reading a quote by Albert Einstein. Genius of our age. It said, “Life is like riding a bike. If you want to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” I like that. It also reminds me of sharks. I have two little boys, and we read a lot of books and stuff, and different things, and learn.

The shark breathes because it moves through the water. If it stops moving, it will die. I think that sometimes in our lives, maybe we’re a little bit like sharks. If we stop moving, we can die, maybe not physically, but emotionally. We can stop and cease progress because we’re not moving. Many of us may have unbalanced lives because we’re not moving forward.

Which gets me to our core values, because Monday is about core values. I think about our investment. When we’re invested in something, we’re moving towards a goal. When we believe in something, we’re usually moving towards that thing, towards that goal. And when we run into obstacles, it takes resolve, improvise, adapt, and overcome so that you continue moving forward towards that goal.

I love our core values. Like Albert Einstein said, if we want to have balance in our lives, we need to keep moving and not become stagnant. I’m not talking about not resting. I’m not saying just do busy work all the time. And I’m talking about always constantly moving towards something that you desire, something that you need, something that you work for. It’s persistence is the key to keeping you continue moving toward that thing.

Maybe it’s classes that you need, maybe it’s some overtime, just overtime, and banking overtime. I remember when I was a young man, that was back when I had hair. And I didn’t have a lot of money, working real hard, sometimes two jobs at a time. I remember my wife and I, it was like our third almost fourth anniversary, and we were heading just after our anniversary, as my brother and his wife’s like first anniversary, and we were going to Cabo San Lucas. That’s right, we went to Cabo San Lucas, and we had to have plane fare, money to spend, and a condo to stay in.

We had all those things, but the other thing I had was no vacation. Yeah, I didn’t have any vacation, so I had to make enough money to pay myself to be gone for a week in Cabo San Lucas. For me to accomplish all of that, I had to make that money. So how was I going to do that? Well, I took another job, and did a whole bunch of other things. I worked for other people. I had my consistent job and I banked enough money, a few hundred dollars, not only to take the vacation but also a few hundred dollars to pay all the bills because I wasn’t going to be working for a week.

It was that goal that I was shooting for that made me have some sleepless nights and made me work really hard, maybe work a few seven-day weeks, but I sure had a lot of fun. I still have pictures and memories of hanging out with my brother and his new wife, who’ve been married now for 20-plus years, more than that, almost 25 years, I think now. He still has hair, anyway, my brother Scott. But seriously, guys, if you want to have balance in your life, you’ve got to keep moving toward your goals, and you’ve got to keep pedaling.

I know that’s not always an easy thing to say, right? Because I know that some of us have some tough times, and I’ve experienced some myself. But I can promise you, if you keep moving, you’ll get to the end. You will continue to hit and achieve those measured goals that you keep setting for yourself. So this Monday, God bless you. Have a wonderful rest of your week. July’s moving towards the end. We’ll be in August soon, but what great weather we have, right? And remember, be valuable because nothing less will do. See you guys next week.