Chad Thanks Jimmy Lee

Jimmy Lee

Hey, all right. So here we are. It is Thankful Thursday, and today, I and, like many of you probably are, very thankful for our training administrator, Jimmy Lee. Jimmy came to us about four months ago, maybe almost five now. Time flies when you’re having so much fun, and he joined our team. He started out as a coordinator and quickly got promoted into this position. At every turn, he has been so faithful and instrumental in helping out Christina and Sonja in the Operations Team and showing our core values in small and big ways. He has been so helpful, and he cares so deeply.

That is one of the things I appreciate even more than just the work he does—it’s the care he puts into how much he cares about the company, the team, his fellow leaders, and all of our staff that work here. He puts a great amount of concern into how we do the job so that we are really exemplifying our core values and our core purpose of being valuable because nothing less will do. His humility is amazing, his investment into the team and those around him is amazing, and he cares so deeply. His resolve at looking at ways to think out of the box and to improvise, adapt, and overcome situations is truly a godsend.

When I met him, I know who his aunt is, and she mentioned that she had a nephew and that he might be looking for work soon. He had a job but was maybe thinking about moving to a different position somewhere else. We met, and I could tell immediately that he had both the leadership skills and the heart and passion to be a great leader and helper here. So, we ended up getting him on our team, and he has taken off running.

Every day he goes home a little bit drenched because we soak him in knowledge with a fire hose. He is soaking it up, and he is doing the best he can. We sure appreciate his dedication and his hard work. It is not easy being a leader in a growing company that is growing as exponentially as we are. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of you for taking those overtime shifts and for caring so deeply about helping out and being a part of that team.

But again, today is Jimmy’s day. So if you see him, give him a fist bump and say, Hey, how are you doing? This barbecue coming up, I’m telling you right now, you probably might get a chance, maybe even to meet his wife. We’ve gotten to have lunch with her; she’s an amazing woman. I can see it right behind every great man is a great woman. Jimmy would agree with me that the reason he’s so great is because of the support he has at home. So, we appreciate his wife as well. You guys might get a chance to see her. I know my boys, they’ve met her, and they’re excited about throwing water balloons at her. Just give me a warning, make sure you dress appropriately.

But hey, today is Jimmy’s day. We just wanted to again give a huge shout out to our new administrator for the Multnomah County contract. If I cannot tongue my tie, whoops, just did it again. God bless you, Jimmy. God bless the rest of the team. Guys, I love you. I look forward to seeing you next Thursday to find out who else amongst this huge group of awesomeness we’re going to be saying thank you next week too. See ya.