Introducing the Executive Team

NEI Exectuive Team

At the heart of Northwest Enforcement lies an unwavering commitment-driven executive team. With a relentless dedication to excellence, they channel their focus toward the delivery of security services that exceed all expectations. Our executive team’s passion and dedication empower them to continuously innovate and adapt, ensuring that the security services provided are not only effective but also set new standards of quality in the industry. They also play a pivotal role in fostering the unique culture that sets us apart, fully embodying our core values throughout their leadership. Every team member leads by example, demonstrating a genuine commitment to serving both clients and fellow team members with genuine humility.

At its core, the team places relationships at the forefront of their daily operations. For Northwest Enforcement clients, their focus lies in comprehensively grasping client needs through a thorough onboarding process. This allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of your business and security needs so we can recommend best-suited security services. For our communities, our team proactively participates in local chambers of commerce and business associations, ensuring we remain well-informed about local dynamics, challenges, and opportunities.

President & Co-Founder: Karen Withrow

Executive Team - Karen

Karen brings an impressive sixteen-year background in communications and public relations from her time at Metro regional government. Her expertise forms the backbone of Northwest Enforcement’s private security portfolio, which includes government contracts, construction projects, support for business districts, and private business services.

Karen’s strategic leadership guides the Northwest Enforcement’s path. She leads team development, oversees growth initiatives, negotiates client agreements, manages important vendor contracts, establishes budgets, and handles financial responsibilities. Karen’s positive and proactive approach shines in her interactions with clients, team members, and vendors, ensuring smooth daily operations. With a Business Management Bachelor’s degree, OR DPSST Executive Manager license, and certification as a project manager through PSU, Karen’s skills are well-rounded.

Beyond work, she treasures moments with her sons, enjoys getaways with Chad, and finds comfort in literature.

Vice-President & Co-Founder: Chad Withrow

Executive Team - Chad

Chad is a driving force at Northwest Enforcement, leading the team to fulfill our core mission of delivering superior service. He creates a culture of leadership development for all team members. He believes in exceptional efforts being rewarded, and sharing success stories to inspire others.

With his Marine Corps background, Chad brings teamwork principles to his training. He is a seasoned leader and trainer with years of experience. He has annually trained up to 350 federal security officers and personnel from respected organizations like Loomis, Boeing, and local security firms. Chad leads the bi-annual Northwest Enforcement Leadership Class and personally teaches armed DPSST Training Sessions. His instruction covers various topics such as security techniques, conflict resolution, diversity principles, and more.

As one of 65 licensed master instructors globally, Chad plays a crucial role in shaping law enforcement and security personnel. He has a strong track record, including overseeing the security of OR/SW WA federal buildings prior to, during, and after 9/11 events under the US Federal Police contract.

Outside work, Chad enjoys time with his sons, showcases culinary skills, takes on DIY projects, and trips to the beach.

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Executive Director of Logistics: Gregory Jay

Executive Team - Greg

Greg‘s journey at Northwest Enforcement began as an onsite guard, where his reliability, selflessness, and problem-solving skills stood out. He transitioned to part-time office roles, evolving through different responsibilities to his current role. His experience in virtually every role gives him the ability to see challenges from every perspective.

Greg leads critical tasks like in-house software development, IT management (servers, phones, computers), and field technology deployment (tablets, GPS). He also manages the team responsible for all facilities, vehicles, devices, and technology.

Working closely with Operations and Administration, Greg allocates resources, manages budgets, handles risk, and contributes to policy evolution. He’s adept at special projects like acquisitions and software migrations.

Beyond work, Greg enjoys truck tinkering, time with his wife, and adventurous overland camping trips.

Executive Director of Operations: Sonja Kuhn

Executive Team - Sonja

Sonja joined Northwest Enforcement with a wealth of expertise in customer service, communications, and conflict resolution. With a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership and dual Bachelor’s degrees in Human Services and Organizational Administration, she skillfully handles issues and ensures satisfaction. Detail-oriented, she tracks and resolves concerns with win-win solutions benefiting clients and team members.

With 18 years of experience aiding individuals with disabilities, Sonja brings empathy to her supervisory role overseeing Care/Safety services and security contracts. Her focus on respect and conflict resolution reflects our core values.

Off-duty, Sonja enjoys time with her cat, watching movies, and connecting with family online, reflecting her caring nature.

Executive Directive of Sales & Marketing: Codie Jennison

Executive Team - Codie

Codie is a valuable member of the Northwest Enforcement team, bringing over 12 years of customer service and leadership experience. Her journey has honed her multitasking and attention-to-detail skills. This makes her adaptable to changing situations and client needs.

In her sales role, Codie’s strategic outlook shines. She uses her experience to assess and respond to Request for Proposals for new contracts while guiding the Business Development Coordinator. Codie acts as a vital link between Northwest Enforcement and major clients, ensuring smooth communication and alignment. She also took the lead on our latest video project, aiming to provide clients with an enriched method of discovering more about Northwest Enforcement.

Off-duty, Codie enjoys time with her dog Ruby, a diverse range of outdoor activities, and the art of breadmaking, reflecting her diverse interests.

Executive Directive of Finance & Human Resources: Windee Klinger

Executive Team - Windee

Windee journey spans impactful roles like Strategic Initiatives Analyst and Controller. With a BA in Business Administration and an MBA specializing in Project Management, she excels in financial program management. This includes tasks like managing Accounts Payable (A/P), Accounts Receivable (A/R), analyzing revenue and expenditure variances, and overseeing audits.

Windee also manages our human resources department including all hiring efforts and team member concerns. She also trains team members, establishes accounting policies, and enhances processes for efficiency. Her strategic strengths shine in forming plans for growth and improving operations.

Windee is an adjunct faculty member at Multnomah University, teaching finance management and budgeting courses. She enjoys family time, reading, and fishing when not working.

Through their dedication to understanding clients, building relationships, and practicing servant leadership, our executive team ensures that our services set a standard of exceptional quality and integrity in the industry.