Be Valuable

Be Valuable Monday Message

Hey team, here we are. It is Monday Message, and can you believe it is October? October, my goodness! The Monday Message, and we’re already in the 10th month. That means Halloween’s coming, Thanksgiving’s coming, Christmas is coming, holiday parties, giveaways. So who’s gonna win the trip to Las Vegas this year? It’s going to be exciting. Can’t wait to see y’all, can’t wait to feed y’all, can’t wait to spend some time with y’all. So mark those dates if they haven’t already come out, which I think they will be here pretty soon. We’re going to try to get these dates out much sooner so you can get them on the calendar, and we’re going to have a big gathering. We’re going to have a lot of food. It’s going to be awesome.

Anyway, today’s message for Monday, it’s always about our core values. So I want to give you a little core value message for our Monday. Leave people better than you find them. Leave people better than you find them, always. Always leave people better than you find them. And how does that relate to our core values? Well, in our “Be Valuable Because Nothing Less Will Do,” and those of you who’ve been through orientation understand that we have little taglines underneath that, and one of it is, “Be what people need, give them what they want, but be what they need, leave people better than you find them.” Be valuable because nothing less will do.

If you’re valuable to someone in the community, to your neighbor, to your friend, to your coworker, then you are leaving them better than you found them because they are feeling valued. A kind word, something you do, something you say can leave a person better than you find them. It doesn’t have to cost a bunch of money. A kind word can turn away anxiety, a kind word can turn away anger and bitterness and hurt. A kind word can do amazing things.

Be valuable because nothing less will do is our core purpose, and I believe that in itself, if that is our focus, then all of our actions that follow that will leave people better than we found them because we’re being valuable, and nothing less will do. It’s why it’s our core purpose. It means so much to me because value is always in the eye of the beholder. And so we need to be valuable. It’s a tangible thing that we do and give, but it is also a perceived value, and what people perceive that we are doing for them matters.

So let’s leave people better than we find them by being valuable to them in perceived and tangible ways. It’s super important. And in the end, it’s what helps us grow. It’s what makes us better people. It’s what makes this world a better place when we are valuable to those around us, when we are caring, loving, respecting, and helping those around us. So on this beautiful day, this beautiful week as we’re marching into October, remember, be valuable because nothing less will do, and leave people better than you find them. Always. God bless you guys. I’ll see you next week.