Hey Team, all right, so it’s Wednesday Workshop. I wanted to give you a quote by a woman. Her name is Melody Beattie. And her quote is this: “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates vision for tomorrow.”

Peace for today. A vision for tomorrow and makes sense of our past gratitude. I like that mostly because I talk to boys about this all the time. Looking for ways to be grateful. Grateful for, you know, was anybody generous to you today? Look for people that are being generous to you. Should always be looking out around you. Those of you that have been in orientation in the last month or two. I talk about this almost every orientation process when we’re having a new team member on board. And I talk about this concept. I talk with my boys about this concept. You’re grateful for people being generous and having gratitude for what others have given and been around and given to you at the same time.

I talk to them about being generous to others and look for ways to help someone else. When somebody falls down on the playground or somebody needs help doing something, that you chip in and you help them. And I love watching my boys, and I love to see the smiles and the gratitude on people’s faces.

For instance, my son Jonathan will always wait at a restaurant and hold the door for his mom to come out to the car. And in the process, nine out of 10 times, he ends up holding the door for one or two other people that are coming into or also leaving the restaurant. I see their faces. They light up, and they say, “Oh, what a polite young man!” or something along those lines. Because he is showing respect for his elders and those around him. And he’s giving that sense of gratitude to others and helping others. And I love that about my son Jonathan, and I love that about our team over the years.

Right, today is the last post. My last Wednesday Workshop of 2023, and we’re moving into 2024. It’s hard to believe that we’re going to be 24 years old next year. And next year happens to be just a couple of days away. It is such a blessing to have team members have that same gratitude feeling and to show love and respect to their fellow team members or people in their community or to the client in these moments and in this time in life. And it goes back to, again, our core purpose: be valuable because nothing less will do. All of our core values that wrap around that on a daily basis. That we are looking to be grateful and have gratitude towards others for the purpose of making our community and our space in this world a better place.

So, for your part in that in this year with our team in 2023, I want to be grateful and show my gratitude to you. And say thank you for your care and for your love and your joining our team and being a part of the great things that we’re doing as a team for our community. So as we move into 2024, which is just like I said, three or four days away, I wanted to say thank you again and God bless you.

And remember, let’s keep being valuable because, you know, nothing less will do. I’ll see you guys next year.