What Are You Doing For Others?

What Are You Doing For Others

Hey Team, all right, so here we are. It is another Wednesday Workshop. And as we had Martin Luther King day just a couple of days ago, I think I wanted to give another quote by Martin Luther King. It says, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?” I so much like that.

Many of you that have heard me speak for months and/or years. You have heard me talk on being valuable because nothing less will do. It’s about being valuable to our community and to those we love and those we serve.

As a leader, those that we serve in our team, the people that we care about so deeply—it’s the persistent question: what are you doing for other people? You’ve also heard me talk about when I get down. When I’m feeling just kind of down, feeling maybe under the weather, and I’m not just talking about being sick. I’m talking about feeling like life is pounding on my back, stepping all over me.

I know that some of you might have felt like that here recently. Maybe you feel like that now. Maybe it’s something that has been a persistent constant thing that has happened upon you. And you’re wondering when is life going to let up. And I get it. I know I’m not walking in your shoes and your circumstances. But I understand what it’s like to have those feelings like when am I going to get a break. When am I going to get relief? When am I going to have peace? I know what those feelings are like.

But I also know that when those feelings happen to me, I have a choice. I can either stay in that feeling, I can stay in that moment. I can stay in that place where maybe I’m having a pity party or maybe I’m just feeling like there is no hope. Hope is a horrible thing to try to, you know, like I said earlier this week, you never want to lose the infinite hope. And I know that for me, what has helped is turning my eyes and my heart around to helping others.

That’s like, what are you doing for others? When I focus my attention on helping my wife, helping my kids, helping my team, helping somebody in the community, for whatever reason, help comes to me too. My situation turns around, and I feel that lift not only in my spirit but in my physical circumstances.

So for this week, as you’re continuing to march forward and we’re moving towards the end of the month of January, let me ask you: what are you doing to help others? I know that sometimes it’s hard. But if we take our focus off of ourselves and focus on helping others, you might just find for you, just like I find for me, that your physical and your emotional circumstances will turn around and change because you’re putting your effort. You’re putting your resources, you’re putting your time towards helping somebody instead of focusing on what you don’t have or what your situation is. And that can be a catalyst for turning things around and making things greater.

All right. As you move forward through the rest of this week, remember, let’s keep being valuable to ourselves and to those in our community and our team because you know nothing less will do. And I want to just say again, God bless you. I’ll see you next week.