Officer Highlight: Corporal James Ford

Corporal James Ford

Here at Northwest Enforcement, we pride ourselves on hiring some of the best officers out there. From time to time, we have an officer that goes above and beyond, which proves even more what rockstar officers we have! This week we are honored to be highlighting Corporal James Ford.

Corporal Ford is an exemplary officer, showcasing exceptional dependability in patrolling his district, conducting trainings, and standing post when needed. His valuable CEIC experience sets him apart in dealing with houseless individuals on properties, demonstrating a unique skill set that enhances our team’s capabilities.

Beyond his professional acumen, Corporal Ford brings a refreshing sense of humor that lightens the mood during challenging times, making him an indispensable right-hand man and a valued team member.

Corporal James Ford, thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the team.  Your resolve and dedication to the team and the communities we serve are noticed and greatly appreciated.  Your commitment is part of what makes Northwest Enforcement the great team that it is.  YOU ROCK!!!!!