Start With Reading

Start with Reading

Alright, team, we’re almost done with the end of the month. We’re coming up on, we’re just literally a few days from the end of January, and today’s Wednesday Workshop is on.

Well, first of all, the quote is by a man named Dan Koe. “If you don’t have ideas, read. If you do have ideas but can’t articulate them. Write. If you have ideas and have clarity to execute, build.” Dan Koe.

So, if you don’t have ideas, then read. I’ve come to realize that my ability to understand and grow has come a lot from reading and from consuming information from people much smarter than I am and that have gone through things I have not gone through. And so, I learned through reading. I’ve also had, over this last, I don’t know, probably eight or nine, ten years, come to realize that writing has helped me process my own thinking in a different way.

And the same is true from reading and writing. I have gained clarity to build the things that I am building. Intellectually, I’m building myself. I’m building my family. I’m building my team. We’re together building this company.

So, for me, I have come to realize that what Dan is saying is very, very true. That we need a component of reading, writing, and developing to help us develop that clarity so that we can build the next thing in our lives.

And I don’t know where you’re at right on this Wednesday at the end of January. I don’t know where you personally are in your journey, but if you haven’t started reading yet—I think it’s some like 70 some percent of people don’t read much after, excuse me, after they get out of high school. And that is, I’ve been that person, so I get it.

And I can tell you that my greatest hope and my greatest ability to do more for others and for myself and for my family has come and started to come through my ability to consume knowledge and information that is interesting to me.

For you, you might not want to read as many leadership books as I read. You might not have any interest in any of that. For you, it might be books on cooking. It might be books on electronics, quantum mechanics, which I have no clue about. But that might be your thing.

It might be on theology. It might be on sewing. But starting to consume knowledge and information on things that interest you. For my son, books and engineering-type stuff and how mechanics work and are put together. That’s Jonathan’s thing.

For some people, they like to just read and escape a little bit. For my wife, she loves biographies. She also likes to escape and just read novels and stuff too. And she reads, like, period history type stuff.

So, while the story is a novel, it’s fake, it’s not real, it’s in a time that was real and has a lot of information around it about the period in history. And that’s something that my wife gets pretty excited about.

So, for you, where are you going to consume that knowledge and that information so that you can build yourself to the place where you have clarity to build the great things that the good Lord has put in you to be a part of? Something for you to think about on this beautiful Wednesday.

Alright, so God bless you guys. Have a wonderful rest of your week, and I will see you—well, I’ll probably see you next Monday. Talk to you later. Bye, see you.