Values Matter

Values MatterValues Matter

Hey, good morning team.

All right, so today’s quote is from C.S. Lewis, and it says, “Education without values, as useful as it is, seems to rather make man a more clever devil.” I like education, and I think education is important. However, I think that C.S. Lewis is correct because I think what he’s talking about there is character. The character of a man is what’s most important.

I’ve had many times in my life, and as a leader, I have had many times I’ve had people that are very talented. Actually, I can see in the background behind me here on my cubicle wall as a reminder, too much ego will kill your talent. It doesn’t matter how talented you are. I’ve had plenty of talented people that have very bad character. They have an ego of themselves, absorbed. They believe in themselves only and they will sacrifice in the moment of need. Or in a moment of that they think that they can get the next leg up. They will sacrifice their relationship with you, they will sacrifice you. They will sacrifice their team in order to benefit themselves. And that is a recipe for loneliness long term.

I really do believe that character matters, and that’s why what we do in our leadership class and those kinds of things are so important. It’s why our core values matter so much to us, right? It’s that humility and resolve and transparency and we eat cake, right? Investment. It is those things, our core purpose, to be valuable because nothing less to do. If you’re focused on yourself, it’s hard to be valuable to others. And while you can do things of value, you won’t be truly valuable because you’re always looking for the next thing for yourself. You’re maybe a charlatan, I guess, just one word for it.

So we’re coming into the end of the month here pretty soon. We’ll be getting into February. Those of you that have a sweetheart, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So, you know, look for those chocolate-covered strawberries and those teddy-grams and those pajama whatever things. I see all those ads and stuff and hear them on the radio all the time.

I just want to wish you guys a wonderful week and say God bless you. And I can’t wait until next week to see you again. But remember, no matter how much knowledge you have, no much education you pursue, your character is what’s valuable. We don’t need to become a clever person to get around others and only benefit you. Look to benefit and be a man of value long term, a woman of value long term. And that’s how the entire world gets to be in a better place.

So God bless you guys. I will see you next week. Bye.