Safety & Security Tips: Spring Safety Tips

Spring Safety Tips

At Northwest Enforcement, your safety and security take precedence in all we do. As we welcome the lengthening days and warmer weather of approaching spring, it’s important to address new safety and security considerations. Our comprehensive tips designed will help you step into the upcoming season with confidence that your properties are safe, sound and secure.

1. Prepare for Daylight Savings Time

As Daylight Saving Time approaches, it’s time to ensure a smooth transition into the longer days. Set to “spring forward” by one hour at 3:00 a.m. This annual time change may require manual adjustments to clocks at home and work. Consider these best practices: adjust sleep patterns, and make the most of the extra daylight for outdoor activities promoting mental and physical health.

2. Test Security Systems, Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Prioritize the safety of your properties by conducting a comprehensive security check. Test your security systems, alarms and cameras, ensuring they are in optimal working condition. Take a moment to assess your smoke alarms, testing them monthly and changing batteries at least once a year. Extend this diligence to carbon monoxide detectors. Regularly change CO alarm batteries, conduct tests, and interconnect them for enhanced safety. Safeguard against potential risks by evaluating all areas of your security plan.

3. Prepare for Spring Weather Extremes:

As spring brings about temperature fluctuations and increased rainfall, it’s crucial to address potential safety concerns related. This season may bring heavy rains, thunderstorms, flooding and high winds. Ensure your staff and/or residents are well-informed about the potential dangers associated with these extremes and know how to respond. Remember to check storm drains after windy weather and in advance of heavy rains to ensure they are clear of fallen debris. Additionally, for a comprehensive guide on preparing for unpredictable weather, review our Winter Safety & Security Tips blog. Prioritize safety protocols to navigate the challenges posed by spring weather variations. Winter weather may still linger into the spring months, bringing it’s own set of challenges. Ensure you are prepared for whatever mother nature may throw our way by reviewing our Winter Safety & Security Tips blog.

4. Practice Safe Cleaning Habits

Maintain a vigilant approach when handling cleaners and chemicals to prevent potential hazards. Keep the National Poison Control Center number, (800) 222-1222, in your phone contacts for quick access to assistance and post it in appropriate areas around your properties. Always store poisons in their original containers and refrain from using food containers for strong chemicals. Read and follow product instructions before use, never mix chemicals to prevent the creation of poisonous gases. Ensure proper ventilation by turning on fans and opening windows when working with strong chemicals.

5. Prepare Outdoor Spaces

Ensure your address numbers and signage are visible from the street. Clean up yard debris, and cut back dead limbs and grasses. Clean outdoor lighting to remove any film or debris built up over the winter months. Make sure all lights are in working order and consider adding any additional needed lights. Maintain a 10-foot clear ‘fire zone’ around structures, cleaning leaves, and considering non-combustible mulches. Check outdoor electrical outlets and appliances, and service your grill while inspecting propane tanks and lines for leaks. Keep a 100-foot garden hose with an attached nozzle connected and ready for immediate use.

6. Prepare your Garage/Sheds

As part of your spring cleaning routine, focus on organizing and securing any garages, sheds or utility storage facilities. Begin by cleaning up and appropriately storing any paints, pool chemicals, and/or yard chemicals to prevent any potential hazards.
Inspect fuel containers thoroughly for leaks and ensure their safe storage. Have all power equipment cleaned, serviced, and prepared for use in the upcoming season. Consider decluttering and organizing any storage spaces, donating unused items, and inspecting outdoor furniture for any necessary repairs or maintenance. Taking these extra steps will contribute to a safer environment for yourself, your staff and residents.

As spring arrives, let it serve as a reminder to review the safety and security of your properties and your residents. For safety solutions, entrust Northwest Enforcement to be your partner. Whether monitoring security systems, adding guard services, or addressing unique security needs, Northwest Enforcement is committed to providing superior service in an ever-changing environment.