Influencer or Critic

Influencer vs Critic

Hey Team, all right, so here we are for another beautiful Monday. The month is winding down; we’re almost to April. There’s a quote Zig Ziggler said. “There has never been a statue erected to honor a critic.” As I read that and I think about that, I find it to be true. People, complainers, people that are complainers that are constantly critical of everything around them and everything that’s being done are not change makers. They’re just critical of people that are out there trying to make a change.

So where do you find yourself? Where do you find yourself? Are you on the front lines? Slugging it out, digging deep, trying to change your life and change your world? Change and influence your world and those around you?

Or are you sitting back, being critical of those that are? Something to think about because if you want to be a world changer, if you want to be a king maker, if you want to be something more than just somebody else, or if you’re not happy with the way things are going at your school. Get on the school board.

If you’re not happy with the way things are in politics, vote. Go out door too knocking on for the person that you align with. But don’t just sit around and be critical of those around you.

I’m not here to be political or to talk politics or anything like that. I’m just talking about influence and being an influencer in your way of life. instead of sitting around and just complaining about somebody else that’s trying to make a difference that you may not agree with.

Because they’re making a difference. They’re trying, they’re putting themselves on the front line and maybe it’s for bad intentions. I can understand that there are people I don’t agree with that are out there. But I’m not just complaining about them. I’m doing something different to counterbalance that and give a different perspective. A different voice in a positive way, not just be critical and sit on the back burner on the back lines. And be the Monday quarterback saying about how great I could have been and how I could have won the Super Bowl if I would have been the guy out there in the pocket having 800 lb of gorilla trying to crush me into dirt.

Be an influencer. Be somebody that’s willing to step forward, be different because statues are not erected and put out in the Public Square of people that were just sitting around complaining and not getting anything done. It is for the people that are out there putting their life on the line sometimes so to speak. Putting their reputation on the line that are doing the job.

So on this Monday, think about the influence that you have or the influence that you want to have. What are you doing differently? Are you just sitting around complaining about others? Or are you actually making a difference in the people’s lives of those around you?

Are you being the change that you want to see? Are you being that person? Or like I talked about earlier, are you being that person, the attitude that you want to see? Are you doing those things? All right, God bless you guys, have a wonderful week, and on this Monday be valuable because nothing less would do, and people that are valuable are out there influencing their world.

God bless you guys, I’ll see you next week.