You Are Valued

You are Valued

Hey team! Alright, so here we are in Monday Message. Sorry I missed last week. I got way too busy dealing with a bunch of other things and stuff. It was my day off with my boys. I didn’t catch any ahead of time after coming off of vacation and… Who cares about excuses. I just want to apologize. Didn’t have a Monday message last week. So here we are for this week.

I got a quote for you. It says, “Being wanted feeds the ego. Being valued feeds the soul.” We have a core purpose, says be valuable because nothing less will do. That is always a two-way street. We as a company, us as leaders, need to be valuable to our team as much as we expect and want our team members to be valuable to us. And as much as we need to be valuable to our community and the marketplace that we serve.

But what I’m specifically focusing on today is our relationship as leaders and as a company towards our team members.

I got to last week go out to eat and today, as the posting of this message. I’m having lunch today with a third team member. So, everybody knows that we have wheel spins and those wheel spins have a lot of different prizes. One of those is lunch with Chad. Lunch with the VP. And last week, I got to take out Heidi and I got to take out Nicholas Bennett. I got to take today, I’m taking out Scott up in Longview.

It’s kind of funny to me, in a roundabout way. That we can go a few months, I’ll go three, four, five months sometimes, and I will have nobody win lunch with me. And then all of a sudden, three people in a world in one week win lunch with Chad. So then we scramble to set my schedule and stuff in such a way that I get to go out and have lunch with wonderful men and women that are on our team.

I’m so excited to be able to say that I had a blast with those three people. I really enjoy having lunch and hanging out and sharing a meal with great men and women that are doing a fabulous job. That did something great to earn a prize, and then in that prize, they ended up winning time with me, which is just such a joy of mine personally to get to know people.

I want everybody in this company to recognize that we value you because feeling value is what feeds your soul. Being wanted to do a job or to take care of business or this or that, it can feed your ego, make you feel important, but when you really feel like you’re valued and cared for and wanted deeply, it feeds your soul. It makes you excited at a different level, more of a gut level than a surface level. It’s not as shallow. It’s deeper than that.

That’s how I feel towards those particular three team members and so many more. I know that we have a number of team members here that are doing more great things, and we do the best we can to catch you doing it right and then to reward you with that valued prize of whatever it is. And some of you are happy about winning a knife or a hat or a belt or a candy bar, just a gift card for lunch and things like that. But it’s more than just the gift. It’s the sentiment behind the gift that matters.

And I hope you recognize that. That we truly do value you because it is our job to be valuable to you because nothing less will do for you to feel that value and that care for you long term.

So on this beautiful Monday, our core purpose says be valuable because nothing less would do, and we have so many of you that are doing that, and I just know that it’s our obligation as a company of leaders to share that back with you that we want you to know that you are valued, we want you to feel valued and cared for and appreciated for not just the work you do but for who you are and for what you bring to our team more than just a 40-hour-a-week schedule.

We care about you, so thank you so much, and we appreciate you. And again, those three team members, I absolutely adored having lunch with you. Thank you so much for your time, spending with me and breaking bread and getting to spend a little bit of time hanging out. I really did appreciate it, and I look forward to the next two or three that will win, who knows when, but I’m excited about spending time with you guys. God bless.

Have a wonderful rest of your week. See you.