Knowledge vs Action

Knowledge vs Action

Hey team! All right, so here we are Wednesday Workshop. What a beautiful Wednesday it is. We’re literally about halfway through March. A little over that now, and I wanted to give you a quote by Jim Rohn. I don’t know if any of you have ever heard anything by him or read anything by him. He’s kind of a leadership guy. His quote is: “Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge, let your learning lead to action” So, don’t let your learning lead to just knowledge, let it lead to action.

This has got me thinking over the years. I had somebody one time come to me and I told them about a book I just read. They said, “So what have you changed or what have you done differently by reading that book?” This quote signifies that for me. If you don’t actually learn, or change, or act differently based on the knowledge that you have received, then has that knowledge done anything for you? You can read a report and it can tell you that if you stop smoking, the chances of your survival and your life longevity being greater increase. But if you don’t actually stop smoking, if that knowledge doesn’t lead to action of quitting smoking, guess what? Not much is going to change. The chances of you still dying are going to increase. You’re just that much more knowledgeable that it’s probably going to happen.

So, depending on what you’re reading or what you’re learning, is that knowledge changing you? Are you, from that knowledge, creating action steps to do things differently and/or better for your life? Something for us to think about. What have you learned that you have made action steps to change? You want to do better on your finances, so you read a book on finances. Has that led you to going and changing some things in your bank account? Has that knowledge helped you actually perform actions that are going to create a different path, a different track for you and for your future and for your family’s future?

Maybe in that process, you also learned that you needed a will and that you needed a medical power of attorney and that you needed to get some life insurance. Have you made any steps in that knowledge to prepare your family for an inevitable that might happen someday or tragically happen someday to you? Have you made those changes? Has that knowledge led to action? Because that’s how we become more mature, that’s how we grow, that’s how we process in life. That change happens only through action, not just through knowledge. Knowledge in itself is not enough, theory is not enough until you actually test it and try it and put it together. It’s great to think, it’s great to process, it’s great to think through and make a plan, but you have to execute on said plan.

So, what are you doing? And I know you’re like sitting here thinking, “Chad, it’s March. New Year’s resolutions that I failed to action, put action to, were literally almost 3 months ago. So why are we talking about this now? Aren’t we supposed to wait until next December?”

Today’s a good day to start on a journey. Every day it’s a good day to start on a journey. Every time you fall off the path is a great day to climb back up on the road. Dust off, and get going again. Every day you fall down is a great day to pick yourself up. Dust yourself off, and get going again and move in the right direction with the knowledge that you’ve learned. And if you don’t think you have the knowledge yet… Well, go out and read a book and then put action to it.

All right, God bless you guys, you have a wonderful Wednesday. I’ll see you next week. Oh hey, don’t forget, be valuable because nothing less will do.