Work in Silence

Work in Silence

Hey Team, all right, it is April Fool’s Day. No fooling! Today is April 1. Can you believe it? And it happens to be Monday Message. Monday Message. April Fools. How awesome is that? Today, again, also is leg day. Look at that, climb those stairs. Can you imagine climbing stairs at that elevation? Oh man, it’d be awesome. Reminds me of being in Hawaii and climbing. Oh my goodness, there are a few places there that have some vertical lifts. It is amazing.

Anyway, so Michelle Clark. Michelle Clark said “The self-work that you do in silence will echo throughout every part of your life.” The self-work that you do in silence. What does that mean? Will echo through every part of your life.

That means your quiet time. What are you spending your time doing? Your personal life. To be valuable because nothing less will do means that you also must invest in yourself. You must invest in making yourself better and prepare for and have a mental understanding to get ready for whatever it is that you need to do next.

So what are you investing in? What books are you reading, what classes are you taking? What are you watching on television? Are you investing in yourself to be a better you than you are today? What kind of things?

Because it will echo out throughout all of your life. The things you invest in, the things you put your time into, your attention to, your thinking to will transpose and continue to ripple through your entire life. It plays out in the successes and gains that you have. I used to wrestle when I was a kid and the time and attention I put in both in the gym and thinking and what I ate. All of those things mattered to prepare me for getting out on the mat and wrestling and winning gold medals. That is what it matters, is what are you putting your time to?

If you’re just eating what you want, doing what you want, you might not make weight and then you can’t wrestle at all. Or maybe you’re just not taking care of yourself. You’re not exercising, you don’t have the internal fortitude and the gas because you haven’t been prepping your engine properly. And what I mean by that is you get tuckered out, you can’t make it through the entire match. And I’m talking about wrestling because my nephews are all wrestling right now and they’re killing it. My nephew in Wyoming is going to state championships and wrestling at State, it’s just awesome. They’re in clubs and all kinds of stuff. Their dad is a wrestler and just absolutely good stuff. So I’m thinking about that kind of stuff.

But it goes back to, again, you personally. What are you investing in your life? What are you doing? Because the self-work that you do, if you go and climb stairs like this, you go up to Mount Tabor and you climb all the stairs around Tabor and walk around those hills. You’ll find yourself building and exercising yourself to be able to have the stamina to do more for your life. And it’s going to play out in other parts of your life too. You’re not only going to have the physical strength, but you’re going to have endurance and you’re also going to have more mental clarity.

When I’m exercising on a regular basis, the clarity of my mind is that much better. Spending more time at work is not the thing that makes me work better. Sometimes the mental clarity comes from having that time off. From maybe going and climbing some stairs, maybe going and exercising, maybe going on vacation with my family. Maybe reading a book brings mental clarity. These quotes that I find in all kinds of different places and locations bring mental clarity to what I do and what I believe. And what I’m working on in my own personal life to be a better person and a better version of myself than I was today or yesterday.

So how are you doing? Where are you at today? Because on this beautiful Monday, even though it’s April Fools, I want to just say you got to invest in yourself because what you work on in the quiet is what’s going to ripple out like through the rest of your life. And it’s going to show up in everything that you do. Gain that mental clarity, gain that perspective, work on the things that you need to work on to better yourself and you’ll see benefits that will ripple throughout every aspect of every relationship and everything that you do.

All right guys, God bless you. Remember to be valuable because nothing less would do. So start investing in yourself if you haven’t already or if you’re feeling down about it, continue to do it because that perseverance will be and that consistency will be the thing that will take you to that next level, the next place that you need to go. All right, God bless you guys. I’ll see you next week.